The End

Eight years ago, I began writing a blog. Back then, I was in graduate school at night and wanted to push myself to think, research and write on a regular basis as a development tool to help with my studies. From that, the Blogland was born and over the last eight years, it’s been quite a ride.
As Blogland readers may have noticed, my writing crawled to a halt earlier this year around the time that I made a major career move. While the new gig been challenging and quite fulfilling, it’s involved a lot of 10-12 hour workdays and some weekend work as well – and as the Blogland was always a volunteer gig, blogging had to take a back seat.
But I will admit that I found that as I wrote less, I had more time during the week to enjoy going to lunch without having to rush to return calls and emails, that I liked spending my evenings and weekends relaxing instead of working on stories and that nobody calls me to complain about what I wrote or didn’t write. And the longer I stayed away from writing, the less desire I’ve had to get back into writing.
In light of this, I’ve decided to follow the sage advice of William Shatner, who once said “Get a life”. Thus it’s time to formally bring the Blogland to a close and sign off.
Thanks for tuning in.

Shane Massey revelations

It's shocking - but true.

Today is State Senator Shane Massey's Birthday and the Blogland wishes him a most Happy Birthday - and a great weekend too!

If you know him, be sure to do the same today.

About the Dorchester County Treasurer ...

Word has it that she can actually count.

Counting is an important skill when you're the Treasurer of Dorchester County. Usually Mary Pearson, the county's treasurer, does a great job of this.

Except when she tells you her age. She always seems to get that number wrong.

Maybe she's 40, maybe she's 50. In any event, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to Hugh Weathers

The Blogland wishes Hugh Weathers, our state's Commissioner of Agriculture, a happy birthday, however old he might be.

Todd Kincannon has a birthday?

Yes, really. He does, and we've been told he's turning 39 today. 

We hope he'll go out and celebrate the occasion, but knowing him, he'll just get on Twitter and set off one of his infamous Twitter wars with some celebrity, over Trayvon Martin or someone else dumb enough to take the bait.

Whatever he does, we hope it's fun.

Please join the Blogland in wishing one of the state's few Republican attorneys a Happy Birthday!

Senator Davis appears stunned at news

It's his birthday.

Attention Senator Tom Davis - it's your birthday, so go have some fun today - and take the weekend off and enjoy it!

Gary Simrill: It's his bithday

We heard a rumor and checked into it - and then we found out that it really was Gary Simrill's birthday. We were told he was turning 37 today, but we're not sure if that part is true.

For those of you who don't know York County's senior House member, who is in his 21st year of service in the Rock Hill-based District 46 seat, reaching out to wish him a Happy Birthday could be a good way to start.

Not bad for a guy who was first elected in his twenties.

Happy Birthday Gary!

Walton Cartoon: "IRS"

Unions not giving up on Boeing

The Boeing plant in North Charleston has been a sore spot with organized labor, who lost a high-profile proxy battle waged by the National Labor Relations Board to keep the airplane manufacturer from opening the plant in the first place. This action followed a vote to decertify the on-site local affiliate of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union.

Not to be deterred by these defeats, the IAM continued its efforts to get back into the North Charleston, including hosting a meet-and-greet last fall with reportedly very low turnout.

The Charleston Post and Courier is reporting that the IAM effort is still ongoing, reporting that Tommy Mayfield, a regional IAM leader, has continued outreach efforts in an effort to organize a vote to bring a labor union into the North Charleston facility:

Happy Birthday to Susan Aiken

Susan Aiken is one of the best-known Republican politicos in Anderson County and is pretty well-known across South Carolina as well.

There's a lot to like about her. Friendly, hard-working and smart - she's a great person to have on anyone's team who wants to win.

Susan's also a regular Blogland reader who we appreciate.

Please join the Blogland in wishing Susan a very Happy Birthday!

Murrell Smith is how old?

You should find him and ask him that question, since today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Murrell!

Walton Cartoon: "Carney's Hope and Change"

South Carolina's Higher Ed "con game" shortchanges students & workforce

Writing in The State newspaper, former Abbeville County State Representative Harry Stille, himself a former college professor, sounded a call for reforming higher ed in South Carolina, warning that:

For years the Legislature and universities have conned us about the value of a baccalaureate degree, when these students would have been better off in the two-year system. Our technical colleges are where the major job growth potential is.
We need to limit university admissions to students who are in the top 50 percent of each high school class, who don’t need remedial classes and who score at least 910 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT. And we should send the rest of the students to the two-year system, where they, and we, will get their money’s worth.

I couldn't agree more. I've dealt with the issues of education and workforce, both as a career human resources professional and as a six-year member of the Charleston-area Workforce Investment Board, and have found that some of the most critical workforce shortages that we're faced with in South Carolina - as well as much of the rest of the South - is among those trades which require one to two years of technical education to enter.

Brian Frank turns to Dems for lawsuit help

After getting thumped in his bid for the Chair of the Cherokee County GOP, winning just three votes, Brian Frank's vendetta against the Republican Party has continued in the form of a lawsuit he is pursuing against Chair Chad Connelly and the SCGOP.

Thus far, Franks' efforts to solicit donations for the lawsuit have raised a paltry $740, according to his page on the GoFundMe website. To help raise more money, Franks has turned to the Democrats for help, according to this screenshot of the Facebook page of the Charleston County Democratic Party.

If he doesn't raise the money from Democrats, we're not sure where he'll go next.

Walton Cartoon: "Al Gore Lied?"

Walton Cartoon: "Five percent off Obama"