On Managerial Communication (8/6/05)

As some of you may know, my paper on managerial democracy has been accepted for presentation at the annual conference of the Carolinas Communication Association, which will be held this fall in Charlotte, NC.

Managerial democracy and corporate communication are happening topics these days, with the insider trading scandals, Martha Stewart, Carolina Investors here in South Carolina, Enron, WorldCom and so forth. Not because of losses inflicted by the companies and those who directly swindled investors and employee pension plans, but also because of the collateral damages inflicted upon investors who held good investments which were valued in part based upon the overall reputation of corporate stocks. A good case of how a few crooks cost a lot of people money, and screwed a lot of good investors and companies as well.

In my paper, I look at the history of those who have critiqued organizational and managerial communication. I follow how they developed better understandings of the processes by which management controls communicaiton, advocated reforms, and how the roles played by corporate entities in contemporary society have changed.

My favorite theorist/critic of corporate and managerial communication is Stanley Deetz. He has examined how management communicates, and can use the workplace communication processes to control and/or inform. In an era where businesses are becoming entities with larger and larger impacts upon everyday life, I share his concerns about where they, and by extension, we, are headed.

Clearly, in a democratic and capitalistic free society, we can't have a schizophrenic world in which we're free in some aspects of our lives, and controlled and not free in others.


My paper on Managerial Communication

Carolinas Communication Association

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