Sirius - Way cool Satellite radio for your car (8/30/05)

Been a while since I last posted ... lack of time to focus my thinking, I guess.

Today, I'm gonna tell you (and those of you who know me will say it's about the twentieth time I've done so) about the coolest thing I've run across in a while - Satellite Radio.

No doubt you've seen the commericals for XM, but I opted for the Sirius, service provided by as I felt they did a better job with their programming. I'm so much a fan of it, that I have links to my favorite channels listed on my personal website.

What do I listen to? Hard rock and metal from the 80s at Hair Nation and Buzzsaw, occasional New Wave on First Wave, the kids listen to Kids Stuff and Disney Radio, and I sometimes listen to EWTN - Catholic Radio. What a combination! But with over 100 channels to choose from, even a picky asshole like me can find a few options.

If you haven't checked it out, you SHOULD. Portable units that you can plug into your car without rewiring can be had for $50 these days and the service costs $13 a month. Trust me - you'll LOVE it as much as I do (even if you may not love my choices of music).

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