I'm a wiener ... whoops - Winner!

After careful deliberation, the 2005 Mary Jarrard award Graduate Student Paper from the Carolinas Communication Association was awarded to ... me?!?

I faced seven others, all close to graduation, and from long-established graduate programs from the Carolinas and Georgia. With a first-semester paper, and in a year-old graduate program, I didn't expect to pull it off. I went there, presented my paper, and came back home, figuring that I'd done pretty decently for a first-timer, but that I'd have to try again next year.

I was also asked to submit my paper for publication. For those of you who don't know, publication is a pretty big deal in the academic world.

This evening, I'll be getting my award plaque or certificate or whatever they give me. I think I'll even get a little money for my efforts. What's even better is that everyone who reads this is required to buy me a beer or three.

My first two Graduate school academic recognitions, back-to-back, after just one semester in the program. Not bad at all ...

Going to Charlotte (9/22/05)

Well, tomorrow afternoon, I present my first paper at the annual conference of the Carolinas Communication Association. I'm kinda ready, but I'll have a long, long night ahead of me as I finish up going over what I'm going to talk about tomorrow. Ya'll wish me luck!

Today, I feel ... challenged ... ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Image


Carolinas Communication Association

Two Front Pages in the same week (9/21/05)

I made two newspaper front pages in the same week - and NOT for something I've done, either!

Yesterday, the editor of the Manning Times told me photographs I took of my company opening new bridges to traffic on a highway project would make the front page of their newspaper.  Today, I learned that a story I'd written on Homeland Security and emergency preparedness in downtown Charleston in the vicinity of my college, along with photographs of potential threat sources that I'd taken, made the front page of the George Street Observer, my college newspaper.

Elvis Costello

I went online and got a cheap copy of an Elvis Costello CD, which arrived yesterday.

I know this is clearly a variation from my usual louder-for-power screaming and raging metal, but I do enjoy a little break sometimes. I enjoy some of the New Wave and punk bands from England who took a turn from the raging punk of the late 70s, incorporating blues and reggae influences into their music, such as The Police, The Clash, and Elvis Costello.

His first big splash was when he played on Saturday Night Live, and early into his song "Less Than Zero", he stopped the band and had them play "Radio, Radio". The unauthorized stunt had him banned from SNL for a long time.

While Costello, like others of that sub-genre, hit it big in the late 70s and early 80s, Costello is still out there, doing his thing, and has developed a following. In 1999, he updated his SNL stunt, going on stage at SNL to interrupt the Beastie Boys, who were starting to play "Sabotage", who then joined him in again playing "Radio, Radio". I've got the video clip of it somewhere.

What are my favorite Costello songs? Radio, Radio, Watching the Detectives, and Peace, Love, and Understanding.


Elvis Costello Online