Hurricanes and Category Zero morons (10/25/05)

Since I haven't posted in a few days, I thought I'd share some thoughts I recently shared with some others regarding hurricanes and how they can bring out the best in people, but also show us just how truly dumb and clueless they can be.

PEOPLE WHO ASK HOW THE HURRICANE'S GONNA TURN OUT (when it's not even coming this way):

I don't know about you, but anyone who doesn't know how it's gonna turn out really outta watch the Weather Channel and leave me the hell alone.

As for me, I wanna say something like "things are gonna get trashed, it's gonna rain a lot, people are gonna hurt, and some are gonna dddiiiieeeeeeeeeee .... aahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... turn on the Weather Channel and find out who and where your damn self."


Why the hell do weather people stand outside in that stuff?  I know I sure wouldn't.

We know what happens in hurricanes - lots of wind, and lots of rain. I've often watched TV and asked myself: "gee, why doesn't that dumb motherf***er get out of the rain?" He or she is supposed to be smart - I guess one day one of them will have their head removed live for the home audience and they'll finally figure this out.

They flock to the Battery seawall here in Charleston. TV stations all over the eastern half of the US are here to cover it (and take paid vacations too, I'll bet) live from location. Me, if I was the weather dude, I'd be on TV saying "Bob, it looks like this city is like so f***ed, so instead of chasing bimbos at the hotel lounge, I'm gonna haul my ass out of here, and get back to Yeehaw, Arkansas before I get blown away", and get back to cover the LOCAL weather, which is supposed to be my job anyway.


Here in Charleston, we have four island communities chock-full of multi-million dollar palaces on the beachfront, most of whom are the property of idiots who aren't from here, never been through a hurricane, and like the people at the hotel, obviously never watch the news or Weather Channel. When these things hit, you see them on the news crying about losing everything.

Duuuuuhhhhh ... what did you expect?  These yo-yos are living proof that you can buy your way out of poverty, but sometimes you still can't afford a clue.

Or the people in New Orleans - maybe some people go there to  buy a house, see the levee nearby that's as tall as my house, and say "YES, I want to live there - put everything I own right THERE.  What could possibly go wrong with this?"  As for me ... hell no, I won't - I'll be the one who looks at my wife and says "gee honey, if that thing fails, we are so totally f***ed. Why don't we look at somewhere that is a little higher?"

While I'm sure a lot of people would ask themselves the same question and probably wouldn't live in such an obviously vulnerable location, there are about a half million or so who would.  Even worse, it seems as if most of them expect government money to bail them out.

Go figure.

Ok - ya'll can call me callous, clueless, right-on-the-mark, or your choice of hundreds of profane words, phrases and combinations thereof!

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