Red Cross Training - Homeland Security? (10/22/05)

I spent the better part of my day attending a Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification class, put on by my company's Safety Director.  While the classes he's been putting were intended for our field personnel - project managers, superintendents, and foremen, not administrative staff like me, there was a slot to take the class, and I took it.

I spent about five hours learning about assessing injuries and accident scenes, administering CPR, and basic first aid.  At the end, I took a test, which I apparently passed with flying colors - even though I had to step out for about twenty minutes of the class to pick up lunch for everyone.  In a few weeks, I'll receive my official certification card.

Since 9/11, we seem to think the threats to Homeland Security are foreign in nature and only the Army, FBI or other specialists can stop any threats.  In my humble opinion, Homeland Security is about finding and fighting threats of any kind which endanger our communities and put our fellow citizens in harm's way. 

When something happens, be it a workplace accident, something in public, or something more sinister, I'll now be a little more prepared to be part of the solution, and not just a helpless bystander.  I'll be more able to do my part for the security of our homeland and well-being of my fellow human beings.  The training is simple and only takes one afternoon a year - there's no reason most of you can't participate in this or some other first responder training, so GO DO IT!

Knowledge, vigilance and preparedness are the keys to surviving and prevailing when bad things happen.  What are YOU doing to be ready?

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