Today's Workplace Values Statement (10/19/05)

On the heels of my award-winning conference paper on Managerial Values and Corporate Democracy comes this handy-dandy poster which you can print and post in your workplace, outlining important values critical to success in the workplace.  Values such as ...

VISION:  Say you have it, employers love that crap,

FAIRNESS:  When you screw up, spread the blame around to others equally,

INTEGRITY:  Being truthful on your resume is so 1963,

FLEXIBILITY:  Be open to accepting sexual favors in return for raises and promotions.

Don't we ALL know people who do at least one of those four items, often quite eagerly, and kick sand in our faces, laughing at us suckers who play by the rules?  Of course we do.  The kind of people who treat people like toys, kick us aside when it personally or professionally suits them, and then look to make us their suckers when they overplay their hand and get knocked off their high horses.

There are a lot of people out there with use-or-be-used mentalities.  Kinda sad they choose to live that way, but even sadder when they pull the wool over the eyes of people who treat them with trust and pay the price for extending basic human courtesy to others.

Oh well ... ya'll go out there and do your part to support these critical workplace values. Image

For a full-size PDF file, CLICK HERE 

For a full-size JPEG file, CLICK HERE 

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