2005: What ROCKED in my world

Ok, first of the postings of my 2005 in review, as promised.

In high school, I was a metal-head, and still am. I'm extremely fortunate that these bands that were big in my teenage years are still out there, touring. This year, I got to see some of these bands live and in person. Here's who I got to see:

Judas Priest - saw them in Atlanta in June
Queensryche - saw them open for the Priest in June, and saw their Mindcrime tour in Myrtle Beach in October.
WASP - saw them in Myrtle Beach in August.
LA Guns - saw them last fall, and in August in Myrtle Beach.
Stephen Pearcy (ex-frontman for RATT) - saw him with his Rat Pack band in Myrtle Beach.

All were pretty good, but who REALLY rocked?

WASP - Blackie Lawless and the boys took the audience along with them on a wild ride to "Helldorado" - the primal depths, spitting blood and growling out all those songs that got Al Gore's wife in a tizzy in the 80s.

Queensryche - their two-parter in Myrtle Beach was an amazing performance, with the second part being a performance of their classic Operation Mindcrime show, from start to finish, complete with characters performing the roles of Nikki and Sister Mary. They're promising a similar performance in '06, when they hit the road in support of their Mindcrime II album, with Ronnie James Dio playing the role of Doctor X. I would say this was the one show to see this year, except for ...

JUDAS PRIEST!!! I've been a lifelong fan of the Priest, and when Rob Halford left the band right after I got out of high school, I figured that was that. But Halford rejoined the band and they hit the road, performing a collection reaching from their earliest matertial to stuff from their Angel of Retribution album. Rob STILL hits those amazingly-high notes that are guaranteed to leave your ears ringing. That show was the SHOW OF A LIFETIME.

So that's my year of rock and roll. I'm looking forward to seeing more bands and shows this year!

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