Busy this week & on the road tomorrow

Those of ya'll who read this blog (however few or many that may be) won't be hearing much from me this week. My research on Eastern iconography is nearing its end, with the paper to be completed by the end of next weekend - at last.

Tomorrow is one of those Road Warrior days, and will keep me rather busy. Over 300 miles and twelve hours, with a coordination meeting in Newberry, stops in Columbia, job sites in Clarendon County, and wiring a LAN in a field trailer near Florence. It will be quite a day.

Just add a mangy dog, sawed-off shotgun and some psycho post-apocalyptic bikers and the Road Warrior get-up is complete ... hahahahaha :)

While I'll be a bit out of the loop, those of you who know how to reach me via cell or email are welcome to do so. Always nice to hear from any of you (are there any?) who read this stuff.

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