Canadian election preview ... Killing Kittens?

It looks like a political meltdown in the Great White North, as the speculation shifts from a close race to if the Conservatives will actually win an outright majority, with the presently-governing Liberals finishing a close second to the Bloq Quebecois party.

One sure sign of a meltdown is when the incumbent party gets
sandbagged with grass-roots satire. A major break in Liberal credibility seems to have occured when a suggestion by Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper to station some military units near cities for disaster relief (after Katrina down here, I think a lot of people are willing to consider the idea) was distorted into a Liberal ad suggesting Harper wanted to use the military to impose marital law.

Not a good move ... unless of course you're a liberal. Then it's a GREAT idea. Way to go, guys!

Some campaigns, when the race was close and their numbers were slipping, have chosen to engage in a negative campaign, hoping to scare their base and paint the other candidate as an extremist. It was used here in S.C. by fomer Democratic Governor Jim Hodges. It 1998, it helped him topple the incumbent Governor, but 4 years later, it backfired and helped his challenger, now-Governor Mark Sanford topple him in turn.

Guys, waging negative campaigns doesn't work. Time and time again, surveys show that if you can't run on your records and your ideas, then you may as well go home. When will you ever freakin' learn?!?

David Janes, of the
Canadian "Ranting and Raving" blog, has an attack-ad generator which parodies the Liberal attack campaign.

Wanna join the party? Go put your own message in the attack ad and have some fun with it.

Meanwhile, three out of four Canadians surveyed wish they'd surveyed more people.

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