Flight 93 on A&E

For those of ya'll who have cable or satellite, I would encourage ya'll to watch their movie on Flight 93.

The movie wasn't full of special effects or big stars. Just a plain and straightforward movie about plain and ordinary folks who did extra-ordinary things. Perhaps that style of production is one of the best tributes that could have been made.

Years later, words still can't express the things I think and the things I feel about that day, or when I think about the courage of those who taught those terrorists and the world that when the chips are down, the ordinary American will stand up and be counted.

There are moments in American history where brave men and women made their stand, even in the face of certain defeat or death:

  • The Alamo defenders were wiped out, but bought time for the Texas Army to rally and win their freedom from Mexico,
  • The marines at Wake Island fought against overwhelming odds against the Japanese, but held up large numbers of Japanese troops and ships to buy time,
  • ... and now, we are have the legacy of those brave Americans on Flight 93, who made their stand and denied those terrorists their victory.
May we always remember their courage, and work to emulate it in our lives.

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