Media losing credibility with the public?

More thoughts on media and its ability to set public agendas … as previously discussed in other postings (12/23/05 & 1/5/06)

I recently came across a Public Relations Quarterly article by John J. Budd, Jr. entitled “The Incredible Credibility Dilemma”. While a lot of the article dealt with the credibility (or lack thereof) of public relations professionals and corporate CEOs, there was a survey which dealt with the credibility of various public figures that I found interesting.

In his journal article, Budd discussed the
National Credibility Index, which was the result of a study sponsored jointly by the PRSA and Rockefeller Foundations. This index was the result of a survey of 2,500 people as to how they viewed the credibility of 44 different types of leaders, officials, and other public figures.

The survey put Supreme Court judges at the top, with a score of 81.3, followed by teachers, national experts and members of the military. Talk show hosts (anyone surprised?), with a score of 46.6, were at the bottom, joined by famous entertainers, PR specialists, and political party leaders. The median score for all figures was 61.5.

No wonder political campaign operatives are so cavalier – the public hates them already.

In any event, media figures generally rated better than average in the survey, but not much. National anchors got 66.8, and local newspaper and TV reporters received 65.8. Reporters for major newspapers and magazines barely came above the median score, with a 62.4 score, just ahead of congressmen and corporate CEOs.

For media whose role as gatekeepers and agenda-setters is declining, this survey is a sign their credibility needs some serious repairs.

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