Tomorrow: Elections in Canada

If you're living there, don't forget to vote.

If you don't, but you're interested in watching the election returns, click this link.

Everyone's calling for a Conservative win, but with a minority of seats. But the likely increase of Tory-held seats by thirty percent or more is still progress, and will provide a crucial test of their yet-unknown ability to govern.

Interesting things to note ...
Conservative offense:
Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader, has been spending the last few days focusing on the Toronto area. Ontario, the largest province in Canada, had long shut the Conservatives out, but projections show them winning a majority of the ridings outside of the Toronto area. Improving numbers in Ontario, especially Toronto, where the Liberals and New Democrats are still likely to carry all the ridings, would be crucial to winning an outright majority.
Liberal defense: Paul Martin, Prime Minister and Liberal leader, has fallen back to defend ground in Ontario as well. With the leader, so goes the troops and resources, so this means seats that could have been competitive for them elsewhere in the West are being left on the table.
New Democrats moving in: With the Liberals pulling out of the West, the New Democrats are working hard in British Columbia. While the Conservatives have done well here, the NDs and Liberals have a handful of seats, and no doubt they're hoping to convince abandoned Liberal voters to crossover to their side.

Definitely an interesting political environment, and major opportunities to change the political map for years to come.

Ambassador and former SC House Speaker David Wilkins, who himself took the helm in the wake of the historic ousting of the Democrats, and presided over the House in 2002, when the GOP held both houses, the governorship and most constitutional offices, may be able to share some insight as to how to govern, and how NOT to screw up a good thing.

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