Push polling: Stay tuned & please help

Prompted by recent allegations of push-polling in the GOP primary battle for Lt. Governor in South Carolina, I am starting to put together some research on the subject. Expect something interesting and insightful on this subject in the next couple of weeks on this blog.

I welcome the input of anyone who is interested in this subject, or may have come in contact with push polling in this race or any other in the upcoming 2006 primary elections (both GOP and Dem races).

The point of this research, as any real academic work, is not to prove or disprove a particular point of view or pursue an agenda, but rather to present the facts and let them speak for themselves.

Email me directly at earl@earlcapps.org if you'd like to participate, share some leads, or express your opinion on the subject.

Whoever you are, whoever you support (or don't support), and however you feel, I welcome your input on this project.

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