Work Zone Safety: Please SLOW DOWN & do your part

Today's Orangeburg Times and Democrat covers a serious problem with work zone safety on one of my company's highway projects on US 321 in Orangeburg County. Two collisions in one afternoon involving a total of seven cars, one 18-wheeler and one pregnant lady.

The second occurred literally minutes after the first one. By some small miracle, no motorists or construction workers were hurt.

These spectacular pictures show what a little speed and a lot of inattention caused. That the truck driver walked away with his head attached is amazing.

Needless to say, we've asked for increased law enforcement patrols. When it comes to choosing between increased danger to workers and motorists or traffic fines and higher insurance, what choice do we have?

Many people who drive through work zones don't think much about it, in part because they don't know someone who may be working there.

Guess what? Now you do know someone who does.

I may work mostly in an office, but I get out on jobsites from Beaufort to Florence, Newberry to Charleston, and I've seen the near-misses, been on sites of fatalities involving vehicles. I've had to jump out of the way of cars, so I know firsthand how dangerous these work zones are.

By some small miracle, my company has had zero serious injuries or fatalities. However, many other companies have plenty of sad stories to tell. These work zone safety facts from the S.C. DOT are sobering.

When driving through work zones, you can do your part to help us by following these ten Work Zone Safe Driving tips will help us greatly.

Our lives are in YOUR hands. Please help us.

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  1. The Watcher 27/4/06 09:13
    WOW - looks like some of those old CHIPs episodes. Big spectacular crashes.

    Quick, someone call Erik Estrada!

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