News Flash: Jimmy Hoffa is dead and so is Elvis

BREAKING NEWS ... Jimmy Hoffa is dead, and thirty years later, almost everyone who could have been involved is probably ... well ... DEAD!!!

Or if anyone involved is still alive, since it's been thirty plus years, they soon will be dead, or at least they're serving life prison sentences.

Either that, or he's so far gone into hiding that he'll never be found. In any event, shortly after his disappearance, he was probably feeding the fish somewhere.

But if you'd like, you can buy some Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes, according to Sploid, an online magazine.

Time to move on, guys. Stop digging, stop looking.

And if, like Elvis, he happens to be on Mars, or working third-shift at a 7-Eleven in Montana, then he wants to be left alone. The guy served his time, and whether he's serving customers or feeding fish, as they might say, "forget about it".
TODAY'S MEAN PRANK IDEA ... call the FBI and in your best Italian mob-boss voice, tell 'em that Jimmy Hoffa is bured in the backyard of someone you don't like whose lot was cleared and house built before Hoffa vanished (it wouldn't work in a new subdivision). See if they tear the house up.

May we always remember, and never forget

This weekend, on the way back from visiting the Cowpens National Battlefield, I stopped at this well-decorated sign at the north end of the Veterans Parkway (I-85 Business Loop) in Spartanburg County, where it forks off of I-85 southbound.

Let us remember that no matter how much we agree or disagree, both here and in many of the other free nations which followed the founding of our Republic, our right to do so was paid for by the courage and sacrifice of millions of Americans over the course of the last 230 years, for which I am truly grateful.

I hope you're grateful as well.

Break Point in Iraq?

Some excellent thinking on Iraq, from George Friedman at Strategic Forecasting:

In other words, the United States has become, to a great extent, a bystander. Washington can make whatever guarantees it wants, but the calculus by all sides now is whether they can secure their interests with their own resources. At this point, the United States is growing less and less relevant to the outcome in Iraq, though it remains urgently interested in what that outcome will be.

If we had to guess, we would say that the political arrangement should work, more or less. But we don't have to guess. It is now nearly Memorial Day. The violence in Iraq will surge, but by July 4 there either will be clear signs that the Sunnis are controlling the insurgency -- or there won't. If they are controlling the insurgency, the United States will begin withdrawing troops in earnest. If they are not controlling the insurgency, the United States will begin withdrawing troops in earnest. Regardless of whether the deal holds, the U.S. war in Iraq is going to end: U.S. troops either will not be needed, or will not be useful.

The U.S. may be at the end of its rope in Iraq, but by taking action in Iraq, has set in motion a number of significant shifts in the region, including:
  • Saddam Hussein and his sons will no longer pose any threat to the region, and any ruling power in Baghdad will pose fare less of a threat to the region.
  • The Syrians, forced to shift forces to confront the United States, lost control over Lebanon.
  • Increased media interest in the region forced progress on the Palestinian issue.
  • Ghadafi, fearing Libya would be next in line for "regime change", suddenly turned over its WMD program, along with considerable intelligence about weapons development by other nations and groups.

If we left now, the region is far better off than it was in 2001, and certainly 1991. Not perfect by any means, but then again, it never was.

In the end, it may turn out that Iraq was a flawed and unworkable entity, established by arbitrary post-World War I Britain and France, that like Cold War-era Yugoslavia, could only be held together by brute force. Or the three groups that make up Iraq will gradually come to the realization that was reached in Lebanon in recent years - co-existence is a reality, so it may as well be a peaceful and cooperative one.

Who knows? In any event, it is a decision that only the people of Iraq can make.

Damnocracy: New Hope for Rock?

Ted Nugent ... Scott Ian ... Sebastian Bach ... in the same band?!?!?

Yes, a rock and roll line-up with the passion, imagination, frantic energy and raw power to end Western Civilization as we know it ... and maybe even save Rock music ... is coming together in a new supergroup known as Damnocracy.

The band lineup is five serious hard rock and roll veterans ... Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, Scott Ian, Ted Nugent and Evan Seinfeld who are now together collaborating on what has to be some great rock and roll. The world hasn't seen such a powerful and dangerous collection of minds since Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Montgomery, and Patton were a'plotting in back in 1944.

If these guys don't kill each other first, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Oh yeah, the gateway page flash animation, where they eliminate the enemies of rock music: boy bands, easy listening, and bubblegum pop, is a hoot. Go check them out!

How to get elected Governor in South Carolina?

Wayne Washington with The State, has an interesting article on the long, winding, and difficult path to the governor's mansion:

Get elected to statewide office. Avoid scandal. Use your new-found name recognition as a springboard to a successful run for governor of South Carolina.

That seems like a solid strategy. It might even explain the expensive scramble for so-called down-ballot offices like lieutenant governor, treasurer or superintendent of education.

But there’s only one problem with the strategy of using the offices as a platform to win the governorship: It doesn’t work, at least not anymore.

He brings up a good point.

There have been numerous statewide officeholders who've attempted to move up to the Governor's office. In 2002, three down-ballot officers tried it (Condon, Miles, Peeler). In 1994, it was Theodore and Medlock. In 1986, it was Lt. Governor Mike Daniel. In five elections, three Lt. Governors, two Attorneys General, and one Secretary of State. All six of them lost their bids, and four of them didn't even clear the primary. Condon and Miles didn't even make their party's run-off.

This cannot be encouraging for those who see winning statewide office as a stepping stone. Especially since two incumbents, Andre Bauer and Henry McMaster, are certainly considered contenders for the crown in 2010. Ditto for Mike Campbell, should he upset Bauer for the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor.

However, two former members of Congress, Campbell and Sanford, with geographic bases in their respective metros, and two state legislators from rural districts far from any of the state's major metros, Beasley and Hodges, WERE elected governors during that time. Before then, Jim Edwards and Dick Riley were also legislators.

What does THAT say about how to succeed in the arena of South Carolina politics?

Iron Maiden's Powerslave album - 20 years later, it still ROCKS!!!

Right about now, some of ya'll who've been visiting me for information on Eastern Christian theology and insights on media are probably wondering: "Iron Maiden ... what the *&#@ is THAT all about?"

Well, twenty years ago, after two really big hit albums, when most bands put out a flop and begin to fade away, only to reappear on VH1's "Behind the Music", Iron Maiden released their "Powerslave" album. This was one of at least a half dozen hit albums they released before their frontman, Bruce Dickinson, temporarily left the band in the early 90s, and the one that showed metal that these guys had real head-bangin' staying power like few other metal bands.

Two great songs on the album that made it into radio play and MTV (when it played nothing more than MUSIC VIDEOS) were Aces High and Two Minutes to Midnight. Aces High, one of many songs they did which explored famous moments in English history or literature, paid tribute to those who took part in the Battle of Britain.
Two Minutes to Midnight was a critique of global geopolitics and the international arms trade.

Other great songs on the album ... the title track, Powerslave, in which an Egyptian pharoah faces his mortality as he struggles to understand how, in spite of believing himself to be a god, he, like his subjects, must face death, and the epic Rime of the Ancient Mariner, based upon the famous work of English literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Those of you who want to check out Maiden definitely need this album, and those who think metal is infested by those who have little to say and less to think about ... think again.

Get this album. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

A little time off & cool CofC pictures

At last, spring semester is over. I'm worn out and need to unplug for a little while.

Since January, I've written two papers, totalling almost 80 pages, and am looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off from school before I jump into a summer independent study research project on Managerial Communication.

As some of ya'll have noticed, my blog posting volume has decreased for a while, and probably will until events and/or my studies stir my crock pot of a brain some.

It's not like I haven't put up a lot of stuff for ya'll to browse through, so no complaining!

Speaking of the colllege, this guy's got some really great pics of the CofC campus. Go check 'em out!

Happy Mothers' Day


Through another blog's eyes ...

Postscripts, a Charleston Post and Courier blog on blogs, run by Dan and Janet Conover, ran the following description of my blogsite:

The Blogland of Earl Capps. Earl is from Summerville, a grown man in the construction business, and he writes about things like roadway construction safety (he's for it) and Judas Priest (he likes it). But read a little bit deeper, and you find a guy who not only talks about politics and government waste, he goes out and does some reporting. When Earl found a report about a push-poll aimed at Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, he wrote to two of Bauer's opponents to ask if they were behind the poll. One wrote back, the other didn't, and Earl put it out there for people to see. Good on you, Earl.

... but I wouldn't consider myself grown up, nor do my kids!

I'm not sure if this is how I'd have described myself or my blog, but I appreciate the plug and seeing how someone else sees my blog. For their nice write-up, they're now part of my Blogroll.

If you're a contributor and want your blog listed, just let me know. I'm always looking for a couple more to add to the listings!

On the menu at the Capps household today

Due to a lot of ongoing obligations pressing down, the mental well has run a little dry around here. For those of you who tuned in, expecting something more thoughtful ... sorry.

In the absence of substantive thought and discussion, I thought I'd share today's lunch menu at the Capps household with ya'll:

- Grilled salmon,
- Very buttery corn,
- Sesame garlic rice.

Sounds yummy, doesn't it? That's because it is.

This is the kind of stuff they charge 12-19 bucks a plate for a lot less at those nice-but-painfully-prissy restaurants. My cost ... a lot less, and i get the benefit of having it my way.

Of course, i had to make a concession to my 7 year-old in the menu (she LOVES my salmon) by having chocolate milk to drink. But that's one the nice things about having a good meal at home - you can have it exactly the way you want it, and everyone is happy with what they get.

If that's got ya'll drooling, or kicking your husbands in the tail, demanding they learn to cook, feel free to speak up.

Al-Zarqawi - today's Loser

This video is absolutely hilarious.

It seems as if Mr. Al-Zarqawi, the bad boy terrorist leader in Iraq, all full of big talk, and hatred for America and Shiite Muslims, is far less a trooper than he would like us to know.

A recent video which attempted to portray him as a master soldier, firing a machine gun and challenging Americans and Iraqi authorities, was actually an edited version of a video which more resembled Keystone Cops than masters of guerilla warfare. Intended to look intimidating and inspire acts of violence, the unedited original version includes all sorts of interesting moments, including:
  • He is unable to operate the weapon in full-auto mode,
  • He is firing a weapon which is intended to be fired from a prone position standing up,
  • The weapon jams and he is unable to clear it, and
  • He hands the weapon, which has a large and rather obvious handle, to a fellow thug, who stupidly grabs the hot barrell (goes to show how little experience any of them have).
Yes, the masterminds of terror, who organize, finance, and inspire acts of armed violence against the Iraqi government and the soldiers of nations who are there to support that democratically-elected government, don't even know how to operate weapons.

What kind of chicken ... salad ... team IS this bunch? Geeeeeezzzzzzzz ...