Al-Zarqawi - today's Loser

This video is absolutely hilarious.

It seems as if Mr. Al-Zarqawi, the bad boy terrorist leader in Iraq, all full of big talk, and hatred for America and Shiite Muslims, is far less a trooper than he would like us to know.

A recent video which attempted to portray him as a master soldier, firing a machine gun and challenging Americans and Iraqi authorities, was actually an edited version of a video which more resembled Keystone Cops than masters of guerilla warfare. Intended to look intimidating and inspire acts of violence, the unedited original version includes all sorts of interesting moments, including:
  • He is unable to operate the weapon in full-auto mode,
  • He is firing a weapon which is intended to be fired from a prone position standing up,
  • The weapon jams and he is unable to clear it, and
  • He hands the weapon, which has a large and rather obvious handle, to a fellow thug, who stupidly grabs the hot barrell (goes to show how little experience any of them have).
Yes, the masterminds of terror, who organize, finance, and inspire acts of armed violence against the Iraqi government and the soldiers of nations who are there to support that democratically-elected government, don't even know how to operate weapons.

What kind of chicken ... salad ... team IS this bunch? Geeeeeezzzzzzzz ...

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