Damnocracy: New Hope for Rock?

Ted Nugent ... Scott Ian ... Sebastian Bach ... in the same band?!?!?

Yes, a rock and roll line-up with the passion, imagination, frantic energy and raw power to end Western Civilization as we know it ... and maybe even save Rock music ... is coming together in a new supergroup known as Damnocracy.

The band lineup is five serious hard rock and roll veterans ... Sebastian Bach, Jason Bonham, Scott Ian, Ted Nugent and Evan Seinfeld who are now together collaborating on what has to be some great rock and roll. The world hasn't seen such a powerful and dangerous collection of minds since Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Montgomery, and Patton were a'plotting in back in 1944.

If these guys don't kill each other first, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Oh yeah, the gateway page flash animation, where they eliminate the enemies of rock music: boy bands, easy listening, and bubblegum pop, is a hoot. Go check them out!

8 Response to "Damnocracy: New Hope for Rock?"

  1. The Body Politic - Joshua Gross 24/5/06 09:30
    ...all I can say is "wow"...

    Could be good stuff...
  2. Michael Reese 25/5/06 08:51
    This is def. very cool! By the way ...... I thought Ted Nugent was running for Gov. out in Texas?
  3. Earl Capps 25/5/06 09:05
    Nah - that dude is Kinky Friedman, some country singer.

    They did, however, try to get Nugent to get into that Illinois Senate race that Alan Keyes ended up running for.

    What a disaster that race was ... the Nuge certainly would've been a better candidate than THAT nutcase.
  4. Mike Reino 26/5/06 21:37
    I'm going to cast a dissenting vote here. I'm not a big fan of the Fre-Fab Supergroup. The biggest element to a good rock group is chemistry, and slapping A and B together doesn't make it.
    I can't really see Ted getting along with Sebastian too well. Lastly, I don't like the name - maybe Damn Yankee-cracy was taken. Too close in my book. I've always preferred the growing up together with nothing and making big story - like the first 20 minutes of Behind the Music..
  5. Earl Capps 26/5/06 21:50
    excellent point - the first 20 minutes of Behind the Music usually is pretty good.

    the other 40 minutes ... well, not so good.

    like i said, if they don't kill each other, then it might work out pretty good. but it's either gonna be one outcome or the other.

    these guys are not in-between types, or prone to moderation.
  6. Anonymous 25/6/06 23:52
    Scott should concentrate on Anthrax, Ted should retire from music, Jason should quit riding on his fathers' coattails, Sebastian should grow up, and Evan should take some bass lessons.
  7. chris 3/7/06 14:13
    Yeah, whatever, they are awesome. You have tips for everyone, well I have one for you: Keep your negative comments to yourself. Who are you anyways, annonymous!
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