Iron Maiden's Powerslave album - 20 years later, it still ROCKS!!!

Right about now, some of ya'll who've been visiting me for information on Eastern Christian theology and insights on media are probably wondering: "Iron Maiden ... what the *&#@ is THAT all about?"

Well, twenty years ago, after two really big hit albums, when most bands put out a flop and begin to fade away, only to reappear on VH1's "Behind the Music", Iron Maiden released their "Powerslave" album. This was one of at least a half dozen hit albums they released before their frontman, Bruce Dickinson, temporarily left the band in the early 90s, and the one that showed metal that these guys had real head-bangin' staying power like few other metal bands.

Two great songs on the album that made it into radio play and MTV (when it played nothing more than MUSIC VIDEOS) were Aces High and Two Minutes to Midnight. Aces High, one of many songs they did which explored famous moments in English history or literature, paid tribute to those who took part in the Battle of Britain.
Two Minutes to Midnight was a critique of global geopolitics and the international arms trade.

Other great songs on the album ... the title track, Powerslave, in which an Egyptian pharoah faces his mortality as he struggles to understand how, in spite of believing himself to be a god, he, like his subjects, must face death, and the epic Rime of the Ancient Mariner, based upon the famous work of English literature by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Those of you who want to check out Maiden definitely need this album, and those who think metal is infested by those who have little to say and less to think about ... think again.

Get this album. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

3 Response to "Iron Maiden's Powerslave album - 20 years later, it still ROCKS!!!"

  1. Mike Reino 20/5/06 21:38
    If it wasn't for Maiden, I probably still wouldn't know about the Flight of Icarus. Eddie Rules!!
  2. Earl Capps 22/5/06 23:25
    Geeeezzzzzz, Mike ... you paid even less attention in high school than I did.
  3. Mike Reino 23/5/06 08:00
    I'm sorry to say, but Mythology and Religion were never part of the curriculum at my school. We did learn about the Old West, so I didn't learn much from "Run to the Hills".....

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