News Flash: Jimmy Hoffa is dead and so is Elvis

BREAKING NEWS ... Jimmy Hoffa is dead, and thirty years later, almost everyone who could have been involved is probably ... well ... DEAD!!!

Or if anyone involved is still alive, since it's been thirty plus years, they soon will be dead, or at least they're serving life prison sentences.

Either that, or he's so far gone into hiding that he'll never be found. In any event, shortly after his disappearance, he was probably feeding the fish somewhere.

But if you'd like, you can buy some Jimmy Hoffa cupcakes, according to Sploid, an online magazine.

Time to move on, guys. Stop digging, stop looking.

And if, like Elvis, he happens to be on Mars, or working third-shift at a 7-Eleven in Montana, then he wants to be left alone. The guy served his time, and whether he's serving customers or feeding fish, as they might say, "forget about it".
TODAY'S MEAN PRANK IDEA ... call the FBI and in your best Italian mob-boss voice, tell 'em that Jimmy Hoffa is bured in the backyard of someone you don't like whose lot was cleared and house built before Hoffa vanished (it wouldn't work in a new subdivision). See if they tear the house up.

2 Response to "News Flash: Jimmy Hoffa is dead and so is Elvis"

  1. Joan 31/5/06 16:52
    Ooooh, I do like those cupcakes!
  2. Earl Capps 31/5/06 16:58
    hey joan - thanks for posting and welcome aboard!

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