On the menu at the Capps household today

Due to a lot of ongoing obligations pressing down, the mental well has run a little dry around here. For those of you who tuned in, expecting something more thoughtful ... sorry.

In the absence of substantive thought and discussion, I thought I'd share today's lunch menu at the Capps household with ya'll:

- Grilled salmon,
- Very buttery corn,
- Sesame garlic rice.

Sounds yummy, doesn't it? That's because it is.

This is the kind of stuff they charge 12-19 bucks a plate for a lot less at those nice-but-painfully-prissy restaurants. My cost ... a lot less, and i get the benefit of having it my way.

Of course, i had to make a concession to my 7 year-old in the menu (she LOVES my salmon) by having chocolate milk to drink. But that's one the nice things about having a good meal at home - you can have it exactly the way you want it, and everyone is happy with what they get.

If that's got ya'll drooling, or kicking your husbands in the tail, demanding they learn to cook, feel free to speak up.

4 Response to "On the menu at the Capps household today"

  1. Mr. Furious 8/5/06 01:13
    Earl --

    Just wanted to let you know that Free Carolina was back up under a new name.

    Check out the site and hope to be 100 percent again real soon.

    Mr. Furious (aka CA)
  2. Michael Reese 8/5/06 10:20
    Sounds like a great meal.....now all you need for dessert is a Krispy Kreme Doughnut! :) By the way, check out my audio interview I just did with Bob Staton!
  3. Earl Capps 8/5/06 10:25

    It WAS A great meal ... and since it was a weekend, got to kick back and take a nice nap afterwards.

    When they're hot off the machines, they're great. You can rest assured the next time I get up to Spartanburg, I plan on taking you up on that offer.

    CAP A:

    Sure that's really you? I'd give those impostors a spanking, but they might like it, and if so, I could be subject to arrest.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere.
  4. Moye 15/5/06 22:18
    Makes me want to go back to Alaska and catch me a fresh one.

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