Come on everyone ... play nice

One can tell it's Run-Off time!

I've had a number of postings taking shots at other candidates on my blog which I have opted not to allow to go forward, especially with regard to Mike Campbell. Most of these are at least somewhat personal, and none of them have anything to do with records of public service.

Those of you who know me, know that I support Andre, and some of you may be aware of how I've been kicked around by Campbell's campaign. But in spite of that, I believe in sticking to the records and issues. I'm better than that, and I ask ya'll to be the same.

If you want to toss the sludge around, there are other blogs where that sort of stuff is welcome. But it's not welcome here.

Thank you for your cooperation.

6 Response to "Come on everyone ... play nice"

  1. Mike Reino 20/6/06 14:52
    C'mon Earl, you get paid by Andre's people... and you're also a closet Disco fan!!! Just thought I'd toss a little dirt around the sandbox! :)
  2. west_rhino 20/6/06 16:28
    So no Seithel-vania quips here? Cross your fingers for Mayor in exile Mary Clark and the referendum today. Too late comes the idea of borrowing ink bottles from Iraq for the rebellious Free Republic of James Island.
  3. Earl Capps 20/6/06 18:12
    Mike - I'm thinking of renaming this blog "This Space for Rent" ... slip me a twenty and I'll even say nice things about you, and bad things about your last three girlfriends.

    West - wasn't Seithel some chick that did like 2 or 3 terms in the House before she got booted from her seat a few years ago?

    Heck, who remembers who SHE was?

    As a native James Islander, my best wishes, thoughts, and prayers are with Mary Clark and her merry Marauders in their effort to form the town they should have formed 30 years ago.

    Maybe this time, the town will stand. I sure hope it does.
  4. Mike Reino 21/6/06 08:32
    My memory doesn't go far back enough to remember my last three girlfriends... Yes, good luck to a free James Island in it's battle against Mayor Riley - the Great Annexor.
  5. west_rhino 21/6/06 10:11
    Again the besieged electorate of James Island votes 3 to 1 to incorporate. Again the petit gauleiter vows to sue. Again real estate interests face not having a controlling hand on a municipality. Locally, Clanahan and North Chuck were established as bastions against the manifest destiny of the Bonaparte of Broad Street, and I can see the spoor of a gelt trail buying favour among the corruptable in Ravenel (the town, not the family) paving the way for tendrils of the People's Republic of Charleston easing out to Edisto.

    Alas, the more things change, the more tehy remain the same!
  6. Moye 24/6/06 16:20
    Let the City grow then the people may elect a real Mayor for Battery Town. James Island has waited way too long. I know it was a town then not now maybe but it should had never been. I am a native you know.

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