Flick of the Switch: Turnin' on AC/DC

With the recent elections past and a pretty hectic week behind, it's time to re-shift gears and change subjects ... which means "BACK TO THE ROCK AND ROLL!!!"

While there are a lot of AC/DC albums that are unforgettable hard-rockin' classics, one of the best ones is their much-overlooked Flick of the Switch album.

On the heels of their multi-platinum albums For Those About to Rock and Back in Black (which is
one of the top ten selling albums of rock history), this album took a different direction, with a raw, faster, and harder-edged sound.

This album was recorded in the Bahamas and was self-produced by AC/DC band members, which probably has much to do with the album's raw-edged sound. The hard guitar sound and raw and powerful vocals that are much of the classic AC/DC sound stand out prominently throughout the album.

My favorite tracks on this album are Flick of the Switch, Guns for Hire, and Rising Power. But there's not a single bad song on this album, so it's an album you don't want to miss. I promise you'll not be able to listen to this album on anything less than full blast!

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