My Run-off Votes: Bauer & Willis

As many of ya'll know, there's an election on Tuesday: The GOP run-offs for Lt. Governor and State Treasurer. The other four races were ended in the run-off, including the highly-contested race for Superintendent of Education. I already voted via absentee ballot, so again, I don't mind sharing my choices with those of ya'll who might care (maybe 5 or 6 people ...?).

Why would I support Andre Bauer? I support Andre based upon his OFFICIAL record, which is a sharp contrast from his challenger - full-time constituent service, blocking 1.5 billion in tax increases, and leadership on senior citizens' issues. Having the support of the NRA also says a lot about his willingness to support our constitutional liberties. His challenger, by contrast, has no significant record.

Andre's opponent is the son of one of the state's greatest leaders, but in spite of the opportunities this relationship gave him, had not pursued any of them prior to this race. Should he lose this race, hopefully he will find a more suitable entry-level position in which he can better facilitate his ambitions (just like his father did in the 60s and 70s).

The endorsement of Andre by Dr. Henry Jordan, who finished third-place in the primary, may factor significantly into what is expected to be a very close race.

Why would I support Jeff Willis? In my humble opinion, the GOP race for Treasurer should have ended on Thursday, June 15, after 2nd-placer Greg Ryberg quit the race, and 3rd-placer Rick Quinn quit as well. However, Jeff Willis, the 4th placer, decided to stick it out.

Jeff Willis was the first to commit to the race for Treasurer, before anyone else was taking it seriously. A nice guy who worked hard, he soon fell behind as the well-funded races of Ravenel and Ryberg eclipsed him. However, Jeff didn't let that get him down - he remained commited to the race.

There is very little difference between the remaining two candidates seeking the GOP nomination, so either candidate would make a good Treasurer. While I fully expect Thomas Ravenel to win the run-off in a landslide which will be a boost to his campaign, my vote goes to Jeff Willis, the determined underdog in the race.

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  1. MOYE 24/6/06 16:31
    Got to go with Andre and Thomas. Thomas will blow by and Andre will slip in. I do believe Mike will seek office again. He is a nice dude. So is Jeff. Willis can try again in two years when Thomas beats Lindsey I hope.
  2. Anonymous 26/6/06 09:36
  3. west_rhino 26/6/06 12:43
    Ditto Moye, though I think the scenario above would leave Gov Sanford with an opportunity to appoint Mr. Willis, subject to a statewide special election...

    Earl, whatcha tink?
  4. Earl Capps 26/6/06 13:41
    I believe the Legislature would select a replacement for constitutional officers, which includes the Treasurer.

    Governor Sanford appointed Hugh Weathers because that office is a stautory office, and falls under a different set of rules (I think).

    In either situation, anything is possible, but I'd really hope that Ravenel wouldn't do something so brazen and with so little regard for the office he was elected to serve in.

    If he wants to be a Senator, then he should have waited until 2008, but since I'm not him, nor am I close to him, I can't/won't presume to be a mind reader.

    I would think a lot less of him if this is what he had in mind all along.
  5. Michael Reese 27/6/06 09:08
    Great blog and great thoughts! Hope all is well down in Summerville.
  6. west_rhino 27/6/06 23:01
    alas po' ol' nonymous, gotta put up with Andre... to quote Gunny, Tango Sierra!

    Earl, our Sec of Ag, is as the Treasurer's office and is on the same cycle. Based on the turn of events with Mr. Weather's succession by appointment, I'd expect an inucumbent treasurer to follwo the same process of appointment, followed by confirmation by the State Senate, if I recall correctly.

    My own read is that several folks in the primaries were testing the waters for '08 and '10 more than seriously going for this year.
  7. west_rhino 28/6/06 10:56
    Check out the Charleston Chews piece from National Journal leding the left column on SC Hotline...

    PS Earl, Suzanne Piper took the nod for your cousin's seat, Hart conceded.
  8. Earl Capps 29/6/06 00:42
    Yep - Hart thought he had this one all sown up, but I don't think he expected JGA to step aside, nor did he adapt to the changed political environment.

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