25 years of MTV on VH1 Classic

Time to take a step back in time to when MTV played videos, and mostly cool rock and roll videos.

No, they didn't come to their senses at MTV, but VH1 Classic is celebrating the 25th anniversay of MTV's kickoff this Tuesday and next Saturday by running the first 24 hours of the network.

I remember being an MTV junkie back in the days when cable was 40 channels of analog programming, including MTV.

This was back in the day when videos were focused on the performers with the other action intended to play along with the song. Today's videos are a lot more ego-driven, and about making appearances instead of presenting music, with performers and floozies (and floozy performers) posturing in front of the cameras.

I need crap like that like a hole in the head. Needless to say, I haven't really watched MTV in years. Probably since they pulled Headbanger's Ball in the early 90s.

Ego and style is more important than music. But in a visual medium, I guess that was bound to happen. What a shame.

But for a few days, you can go back in time and live in denial, before Video Killed the Radio Star. So go do it and have a good time.

... if you want to watch the classic astronaut station ID clip, click here.

3 Response to "25 years of MTV on VH1 Classic"

  1. Michael Reese 31/7/06 10:00
    MTV might as well change their name. They really have nothign to do with music anymore, its rediculous. I have direct TV now and I get VH1Classic, VH-1 regular, and some other VH-1 channel, not sure if cable users are getting those 3 but all three of those are very good. I remember when I was growing up and watchign MTV and VH-1, there was no comparison. Turn it to MTV if you want to see pearl jam, guns n roses, turn it to VH-1 to watch Sting and DesRee. Now it's kinda reverse and Carson Daly is growing older by the day. You knew the tide was changing the day that Matt Pinfield left MTV and went to VH-1.
  2. Mike Reino 31/7/06 22:24
    Back in the 80's , you wouldn't be caught dead watching VH-1. That was the true sign that you were an old fart! Well, I am now a Grade A gas passer, and someday, Young Michael, you will too. We'll hold a seat for you!
  3. Earl Capps 3/8/06 10:52
    Yeah, it's amazing how VH-1 has transformed at least as much as MTV has, and in less time.

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