'74 Jailbreak: Classic AC/DC

On the heels of several titanic albums in the late 70s and early 80s, AC/DC released their '74 Jailbreak album. This album was a short one, with just five songs from the Bon Scott era, which had ended several years earlier when Scott died at the end of a wild night of excess that had been his method of coping with the band's sudden rise to stardom in the late 70s.

These songs had previously only been in available in the band's early Australia-only albums. One can definitely tell there is a strong blues influence, as was more present in the earlier AC/DC material.

This album also came at the end of one of the most productive streaks of album releases by any band in the metal scene. The band put out a dozen albums in its first ten years, sometimes more than one in a year, up to 1985's Fly on the Wall album, but only nine albums since then in an ever-slowing pace.

My favorite song on the album?

Definitely Jailbreak, a story of a man breaking out from jail, which included a rare video with Bon Scott, which included this very well-orchestrated narrative of the escape, complete with a thumping bass in the background sounding like heartbeats, and a screeching guitar for sirens and rifles.:

Heartbeats they were racin'
Freedom he was chasin'
Spotlights ...
Sirens ...
Rifles firing...
... but he made it out ... with a bullet in his back

All these songs are great, and give a good look at the early days when these guys were just the biggest hard rock act in Australia. Definitely a must-have album for you headbangers out there.

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  1. Anonymous 27/7/06 16:49
    careful there guy - you don't want to get into any more preaching or judging.

    you're not as fit to have and express opinions as that flaky bitch is - when will you get that through your thick head? ;)
  2. Brian McCarty 28/7/06 04:37
    My favorite ACDC albums are the Dirty Deeds and the Back in Black albums.

    It is all good music, though.

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