Behind the Blog: Beers of the Blogland

Today, we bring you the first installment of "Behind the Blog", in which you are taken on exclusive, no-holds-barred looks behind the scenes of the Blogland of Earl Capps.

These days, we hear a lot about the need to consider alternative fuels, including grain alcohol. Always wanting to be on the cutting edge, this blog is doing its part to contribute to this effort.

That’s why BEER is an important part of fueling the creative energies behind this blog.

Modest, but reasonable and responsible, consumption of this vital energy source is an important source of energy for the operation of this blog. Specifically Corona, Bud Ice, Miller Genuine Draft and Killian’s Red.

When married, I drank very little. When I became single again, especially right after graduating with my B.A. degree in 2004, where my evenings became free again, I drank quite a lot.

When I thought I might be getting married to someone with ceiliac (they can’t consume anything with wheat products), I pretty much cleaned out my stock of beer, and even tried to get rid of bread so as to be supportive.

For those and other efforts I made, in the end, I got the treatment many twice-divorced single parents get a lot of in the dating world - kicked to the curb as “damaged goods”.

That’s when I rediscovered beer. Believe me, it sure made the reality of being damaged goods feel a lot better.

So beer is back, and beer is good. Beer helps make this blog possible, and it’s a far better fuel source for human consumption than gasoline (not to mention far less flammable). I recommend it highly, and for that matter, so does Homer Simpson.

Would Homer Simpson lie? Of course not – it’s not like he’s running for office. Only politicians lie, so Homer has to be telling the truth. Even if you can’t believe me, you can believe Homer.

So now you know, and like they say on G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle”.

... stay tuned for the next upcoming installment of
"Behind the Blog" ... and have a great weekend!!!

11 Response to "Behind the Blog: Beers of the Blogland"

  1. willifolksbeatsgirls 14/7/06 19:20
    dude have another beer for me. let's get wasted.
  2. willifolksbeatsgirls 14/7/06 19:20
    dude have another beer for me. let's get wasted.
  3. Earl Capps 14/7/06 19:25
    Hey guy, it looks like you're already messed up and sending the same message twice. Guess that's what alcohol will do to someone who doesn't have a clue.

    Happy Friday to one and all. Party on, dude.
  4. west_rhino 14/7/06 20:00
    Thought I was seeing double for a moment too... DUH!

    Beer can anesthetize you to some of it, but the balanced diet of the other food groups gotta be there, PIZZA!!! (peelin shrumps is not conducive to using a keyboard, lest you've got an industrial strength skin on it, though it does help with beer resistance).

    Aside from that Earl, you might be used and abused goods, damaged though I doubt. The damaged is more behind the eyes of the beholder.
  5. Anonymous 15/7/06 00:35
    Beer is good. Did you learn that when you went back to college? What a stupid moron.
  6. west_rhino 15/7/06 12:04
    Hey anonymoose, pull my finger!

    If you can't do that try pushing Ctrl Alt and Delete at the same time.
  7. Earl Capps 15/7/06 15:48
    Rhino - isn't that the game MJ plays with kids in Neverland?
  8. Moye 16/7/06 21:34
    I will just have a Crown and Coke thanks.
  9. west_rhino 17/7/06 10:41
    Earl, MJ might play that game in Neverland, outside Neverland though it is a finger that gets pulled, but stay up wind!
  10. west_rhino 17/7/06 14:27
    Moye, RC and a Moon Pie, maybe an orange NeHi...
  11. Moye 17/7/06 15:38

    Sounds good to me. The grape NeHi ain't bad either.

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