Charleston vs. Rock Hill?

It's no wonder Gregg Marshall couldn't leave this place for Charleston.

After all, this paradise of the Piedmont is virtually awash in history, culture and interesting attractions - even if most of those things are technically in North Carolina.

Who needs College of Charleston basketball, The Battery or the beach when you have regular access to exciting Catawba Indian bingo and, just 10 short miles outside of town, a county history museum filled with the stuffed carcasses of dozens of animals killed by a Nixon administration official?

Rock Hill, a suburb of Charlotte, is a proud town that warrants no less than six exits off of Interstate 77. In its own honor, the city in the 1990s commissioned four statues called "Civitas" along four corners on Dave Lyle Boulevard to represent various attributes of the town. Civitas, which may be Greek for "Our Golden Lady on the Corner," exalts Rock Hill's lofty goals of being a "functional city."

This brief moment of civic self-congratulation came just years after the town landed its first fine dining establishment, an Applebee's.

This story was written in the wake of the recent decision of Marshall, who coaches basketball at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, to reconsider accepting a job offer from the College of Charleston.

In addition to being insulting, Hicks should have based his driveling broadside on a little more knowledge of the community than a quick commute up there for a story, as well as the reasons why Marshall may have chosen to remain at Winthrop. I can understand one being confused or even a bit disgruntled (even though I'm an active CofC alum, I couldn't give a hoot about their athletics program), but this was really too far.

I don't know what the people of Rock Hill did to deserve Hicks' swipe at them. This issue was between Marshall, the College of Charleston, and Winthrop University. Frankly, I was stunned to see that the Post and Courier allowed this arrogant broadside to go forward.

As to what to do in Rock Hill, having lived there, I can assure Mr. Hicks there is plenty to do there. If he would take a minute to check the Rock Hill/York County Visitor's Bureau website, he'll find there's lots to see and do there.

All I can say is that given Hicks' stated attitude towards smaller Southern cities, I hope he never tries to find a job with a small-town newspaper.

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  1. Brian McCarty 2/7/06 01:19
    Earl, I am a basketball fan, and I have been a youth basketball coach. I can say that sometimes a coach grows close to his players and other coaches and just doesn't want to leave. It was never a knock on C Of C, heck Marshall played basketball there and graduated from there.

    As for the column, well, its what papers do. They know some of their readers are really ticked so they get a guy to blow off some steam their readers can say "amen" to.

    But, it does show the arrogance of certain people in Charleston and it was insulting to the people of Rock Hill and York County.
  2. Anonymous 2/7/06 10:36
  3. west_rhino 4/7/06 13:31
    Earl, it seemed to be okay with Hicks fro Bobby Cremmins, the new coach designee, to have done the same thing to his alma mater. Granted, most sports hacks (yes hacks, not writers) have the same gracelessness of political hacks and some feces flinging bloggers. As to Mr. Hicks' ambitions, perhaps he could report on the UNC-C team as a stringer for the Charlotte press should he have higher ambitions for sports typing (q.v. Capote's thought on Jack Kerouac's body of work).
  4. Earl Capps 4/7/06 14:12
    Brian hits the nail on the head when he singles out "certain people in Charleston".

    Real Charlestonians, people of grace, goodwill, hospitality, and charity, have better class than what Hicks wrote. If the caliber of his editorial conduct is any indication, he's not one of us either.
  5. west_rhino 4/7/06 23:15
    Indeed Earl, you're right, even Banastre Tarleton's could be descendant, former editoral type, had a bit more grace, though my friend Grace (Kutkas) has long since been taken from Pravda on the Ashley.

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