Clean up time

After an election day passes, most candidates and campaigns do the responsible thing and take down their signage. Of course, some volunteers don’t always track what they put up and where, so a few stragglers are left behind, but they seem to take on new life when used for yard sale signs, so before long, it’s like they were never there.

Which is how it should be.

But there are always a few candidates whose signs never seem to go away, even though they usually have blown it and their signs remind us of those most people never even heard of.

This spring’s worst offenders are Jeff Willis and Mike Campbell. Much of their signage, especially their larger signs, are still around. Dis-honorable mentions also go to William Bell, Bill McKown, and Oscar Lovelace.

There is a certain irony in the Campbell campaign leaving their signs up in my neck of the woods, since they had accused me of tearing their signs down weeks before they actually got around to putting any up around here. That included his campaign manager with a “scandalous” now-defunct MySpace webpage and the little runt of kid who went around like Hitler’s Youth’s finest, praising Campbell as God and calling Andre Bauer a liberal.

Hey kid, I never did get how Andre was a liberal. Wanna explain that one to me?

You may have seen those Campbell signs – small, barely tall enough to be seen over the weeds that have grown up around most of them. Maybe that’s a good thing, so even when they never get picked up, we’ll soon see the last of them.

Come on guys … if you have any respect for us and this state,

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  1. Michael Reese 25/7/06 08:31
    I'm not seeing many signs left up here in Spartanburg or Greenville area, but I understand that that doesn't mean that there not still up in a lot of other counties as well.
    In your opinion, do you think Mike Campbell is done? Or should we expect him to run again in a few more years?
  2. west_rhino 25/7/06 13:58
    Earl, "Top Duck" and I suyed to commiserate over the laxity wiht signage. I seem to recall that he conned someone around Charleston to hold a sign drive after one election that was a bigger garbage issue for the radio station involved than anything else.

    Creative uses still see some of Buck Limehouse's congressional campaign signs being used as a backing for garage sales. I can say that environmentally friendly cardboard signs compost well and that some sign stakes make decent tomato stakes. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a PSA funded by a campaign inviting the populace to be their guest and do what they wish with their signage, after the race is settled. Joey Douan signs anyone?
  3. Anonymous 25/7/06 18:11
    Floyd and Ravenel still have a bunch up in Columbia. Hammond has a couple up but seeing as how that guy is the candidate/campaign manager/consultant/volunteer coordinator/volunteer, we should give him a little break.
  4. Earl Capps 25/7/06 20:47
    Floyd and Ravenel still have fall races.

    It's one thing to have a few left, but it's another to basically abandon them. Judging from the looks of it, Campbell's Youth quit him when he lost (after all, what else would over-ambitious kiddies looking for a winner do?).

    Jeff Willis was always running a shoestring campaign from the get-go, so I'm not too surprised that his signs are still up. He was lucky to get them all up in the first place.

    It seems the worst outside of the cities, where many of the statewide candidates did regional sign sweeps in the spring and never had the support base in those areas to start with.
  5. Anonymous 26/7/06 00:18
    you need to stop bitching. i believe your boy was andre and his signs are still up and about do your fucking job as a political volunteer instead of pointing fingers at others douche bag. in the time you could have typed this you could have rid your entire area of all signs since you're so fucking concerned.
  6. Earl Capps 26/7/06 07:54
    We're dealing with a rocket scientist here ... and a real chickens(alad) to boot.

    Hey moron, in case you hadn't noticed, Andre is STILL a candidate. Think that might have something to do with his signs still being up?

    Oh, I'm sorry, you don't seem very capable of thinking, much less of polite and civilized discourse.
  7. Anonymous 26/7/06 09:54
    it's the moron rocket scientist.....your boy's election is a ways off based on the current calendar date.

    the signs aren't exactly made of plastic now are they?? so you can bet damn guarantee that they'll be an eye sore by the election date and the hot period just before.

    and believe me--people make mistakes everyday as I do, but his record on the "roads" ain't so if you want to leave his signs out to mold and fall apart to add to the bad....that is instead of taking your lazy ass out to remove then temporarily.......have at it your way, you pompous ass.

    in the meantime, your arrogance in dictating to others how things should be from the onset is laughable. its even more laughable to point this out to you. it seems in your high academia you didn't take one course---COMMON SENSE 101.

    once again since you don't see the point in your own points....when your own boy's signs are in the communites either blown down---not taken down, blown down--withered, posts broken and cracked, and/or molding but you take time to rag on others it just makes you look like an ass.

    you claim to be a christian and all you do is stand in judgement of others, or you mock them overall, yet you don't understand why no one respects you and your opinions. don't claim to be something you're not. i don't.

    i suggest you read some of the
    gospels and get down with what they deem "christian like" or "what would jesus do" behavoir and "CLEAN UP" yourself.

    believe me you don't embody that as a lifestyle so quit tying to perp the fraud on here because real life and actions speak conversely.

    come real and at 100 % or stay the fuck off telling others how to be.
  8. Earl Capps 26/7/06 11:25
    What a prince you are ... let's look at some of your Prozac-free ramblings:

    "the signs aren't exactly made of plastic now are they??"

    Actually, they are. Go take a close look at them.

    but his record on the "roads" ain't so pristine

    Neither is his fall opponent's, nor mine, nor that of a lot of people. SO WHAT?

    that is instead of taking your lazy ass out to remove then temporarily

    I don't have a truck, which is what it takes to put up those large signs. If I didn't have the means to install them, and therefore did not put them up, then how can I take them down?

    it seems in your high academia you didn't take one course---COMMON SENSE 101.

    Yep, you're right. I missed that course. They only offered it during the day.

    you claim to be a christian and all you do is stand in judgement of others

    Exactly who have I "judged" on this blog? Show me one posting where I have done that, if you will. I don't moralize here about myself or others, nor do I claim sainthood. I know better than to throw stones in my own glass house.

    don't claim to be something you're not. i don't.

    That's pretty big talk from someone who posts anonymously, don't you think? We no idea who you are, who you aren't, or what you're really all about.
  9. POKEY 26/7/06 14:42
  10. Anonymous 26/7/06 18:40
    man, whoever you are - anyone ever tell you that you need to get a life? it's just a freakin' blog!

    the guy ain't preachin' morality or nothing like that. he's just sharing his feelings. don't we all have a right to do that without someone making a personal pissing match over it?
  11. Anonymous 26/7/06 18:56
    I hope Earl has a day job, and is that really him in that picture? How sad is that? Where are you, Billy Idol's funeral? CLEAN yourself UP!!!
  12. Earl Capps 26/7/06 20:47
    No, I don't have a job. I make my ends meet by mooching off your tax dollars from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, while I sit home watching TV and doing pretty much nothing at all.

    Last thing I heard, Billy Idol was still alive anyway.
  13. Moye 26/7/06 21:45
    Signs signs everywhere is signs. An old sixties song I believe. As soon as I empty my pickup that is loaded with signs. You can borrow it to use in Summerville. Maybe then this idiot will be happy.

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