The high price of messing with Israel

From the looks of it, the Israeli government is waging all-out war on the terrorist groups which have been attacking it.

Having shut down the Palestinian territories, they are now shutting down southern Lebanon by dropping a number of key highway bridges and cratered highways, essentially making travel out of the area impossible. They've also shut down the main airport in Beirut in a similar manner.

Next, they suggest they'll track back the chain to Syria itself, with strikes against targets in Syria. With Syria facing the U.S. military presence along its Eastern border in Iraq, they'll be a lot less able to do anything about it than in years past.

Millions of dollars of damage (I work in highway construction, so I have some idea of what that kind of damage costs), the paralysis of the Palestinian government, and the near-total silencing of Western voices that once advocated a moderate course of action by Israel. All this for three Israeli soldiers taken captive.

Was this really worth all the trouble it's caused?

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  1. The Body Politic - Joshua Gross 14/7/06 09:05
    Was it worth it?

    Of course not.

    Then again, rational thought relating to the consequences of hostile actions has rarely been a hallmark of Islamist terrorist organizations...
  2. west_rhino 14/7/06 11:49
    On the surface was it worth it? Nope.

    One soldier taken captive, followed by a copycat was probably not well thought out, though the intended process of stalling the surrender, er peace process is effective.

    This didn't happen until Arab countries that don't want the "Palestinians" on their turf either began to ante up operating funds to the now Hezbollah dominated "Palestinian Authority".

    Not suprising is the unquestioned acceptance by a press more attuned to the prince of lies of Arab casualty figures, all of which are being reported as civilians, though the terrorists tend not to be constrained by uniforms, permitting them to be also listed among the "innocent civilian" dead, never mind the Kalishnakovs, bomb vests and RPGs.

    soap box mode

    Rambling on, noting the Stratford (really) High drug raid settlement mandated by the old patsy of the Federal Bench in Charleston, reparations for being terrorized in comparison underscore the fact that there appears to be no low some lawyers are willing to go for their cut of the settlement pool. The connnection to Israel here is the notion that these poor innocents were unjustifiably terrorized and emotionally scarred by police dogs and the sight of guns. These wusses ought to be stuck out in a kibbutz in the Golan or riding the trains in Mumbai to know real terror.

    /soap box mode
  3. Moye 14/7/06 16:25
    I think Israel is doing the right thing. I wish they would strike Syria and any other country that they may find terrorist in. So I am a hawk.

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