Landis gives US 8th consecutive Tour de France victory!

A year ago, when Lance Armstrong announced his seventh Tour de France win would be his last bid, many expected that, as with Greg LeMond's wins in the 80s and early 90s, it would be a long time before another American would win the Tour.

Today, news from Paris showed that Pennsylanian Floyd Landis pulled off an 8th consecutive Tour win by an American cyclist, contining Armstrong's winning streak.


Like Armstrong, Landis has dealt with major health issues that would have sidelined lesser contenders, remained in the race, took the lead, and then fought to regain it.

There are hopes that Landis, who left the team that Armstrong led, the Discovery team, will return to take the leadership of a team which has been struggling to fill the void left by Armstrong's retirement.

While I hope he will eventually accept this opportunity to rejoin his old team, for right now, Landis deserves our respect and gratitude for a tough job done well!

4 Response to "Landis gives US 8th consecutive Tour de France victory!"

  1. The Body Politic - Joshua Gross 25/7/06 09:43
    I have the 17th Stage saved to DVR. Seriously the greatest ride I've ever seen - even more so from a guy with a degenerative hip that needs replacing. Just an unbelievable effort.
  2. Earl Capps 25/7/06 20:48
    It'll be interesting to see if he recovers in time for the next Tour after his hip replacement.

    I hope he does.
  3. Moye 30/7/06 14:58
    But do you think he cheated.
  4. Earl Capps 30/7/06 16:45
    Good question. These doping allegations have really put a shadow on things.

    If that's what they find, they need to land hard and strip his championship from him. But he IS innocent until proven guilty, so I'm reserving judgment.

    Already, their main sponsor is pretty pissed and ready to dump their sponsorship, saying they don't want to sponsor an ad campaign for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Cycling has these periodic rounds with doping problems, some of them pretty bad with a few deaths. It's been quite a few years since they've had big problems, but this year, in the jockeying to win the first "open" Tour in years, there was a ton of incentive to play fast and loose with this stuff.

    I hope that the sport can take a good look at itself and clean house now, before their image is seriously damaged.

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