Thanks everyone!

No special occasion needed ... I just wanted to thank all my posters, who've been especially active on my blog over the last few weeks and let you know I appreciate the time and interest ya'll have shown.

Even though the topics swing all over the map, from politics and current events, to religion, and over to 80s metal and punk rock, ya'll keep tuned in, sharing your thoughts. That's not an easy feat.

Ya'll are truly ...

12 Response to "Thanks everyone!"

  1. west_rhino 10/7/06 09:23
    As long as we aren't expected to pull that finger... ;-)
  2. Mike Reino 10/7/06 10:15
    You're welcome, my friend!
  3. The Body Politic - Joshua Gross 10/7/06 10:38
    Did you see the Tour de France highlight from last week where the leader of the race is sprinting down the side of the road coming into the finish at about 40 MPH, and the Big Foam Finger comes out and hits him in the arm?

    Dude needed multiple stitches for the laceration, and the Tour banned foam fingers from future events...
  4. Earl Capps 10/7/06 11:24
    I'm a big cycling fan (used to race when I was younger and my knees still worked properly), so I'd heard about that. Bet ya didn't know that!

    This tour has been absolutely amazing, esp. with all the front-runners getting dropped in that doping mess.

    Having a Ukranian in the lead certainly turns Tour tradition on its head, and it's encouraging to see two strong Americans (Landis in 2nd place and Hincape, from GREENVILLE, who'd led but is close behind in 17th place overall) in the Tour as well.

    This year's Tour is certainly quite a wild-card year ... and who knows who will be number one when this race is over?!?
  5. west_rhino 10/7/06 13:01
    Earl, the thought of you in bicycle shorts is not for the faint of heart... like notions of some of us in Speedos... ;-)

    fuel for Iron Photoshop on

    Gotta go!
  6. The Body Politic - Joshua Gross 10/7/06 15:45
    Until today, I was thinking Landis would pull it out with Hincapie coming in second (still strong in the mountains...)
    Then I read that Landis is going to have his HIP REPLACED!! as soon as the Tour is over!
    That he's even in second is ridiculously amazing...

    Yeah, I'm one of those weirdo "alternative" sport fans... World Cup, Olympics, Tour de France, Ryder Cup...
  7. Earl Capps 10/7/06 16:15
    People certainly weren't looking for another strong American Tour contender for at least another year or two. Instead, they're getting both Landis and Hincape.

    In 1986, the first time two Americans rode strong in the same Tour was when Greg LeMond won the Tour and Andy Hampsten placed 4th.

    Such a strong "two-fer" by Americans has not been since. In '89, when LeMond next competed and won, Hampsten was a distant 22nd place and the next year, LeMond's final Tour victory, Hampsten finished 11th.

    Hampsten finished 8th in '91 and '93 and 4th again in '92. In addition to winning the '88 Giro d'Italia, he was one of the few standout American riders in the long years before Lance Armstrong and the Discovery (formerly 7-11, then Motorola, then US Postal Service) team really started putting Americans seriously into European cycling.

    The biggest change now is that Americans aren't just riding with an "American" team, but for well-established European teams. Landis rides with Phonak, and Hincape rides with Discovery.

    In cycling, Americans are finally coming of age, and competing with and against those of "traditional" cycling nations, and doing well.

    It's about darn time!
  8. Mike Reino 10/7/06 21:17
    While we are on "alternative sports".......... Viva Italia!!!!
  9. Moye 10/7/06 22:43
    First thanks Earl. Second is not the SCGOP a alternative sport.
  10. west_rhino 10/7/06 23:29
    moye, only if cockfighting and dog fighting are alternative sports. Ditto the old outlawed practice of duelling, else we'd have dealt with a few scalawags...
  11. Earl Capps 11/7/06 09:16
    The term "alternative sports" sounds a little creepy and scary, if ya'll ask me!
  12. west_rhino 11/7/06 09:59
    So does alternative lifestyles, but in an age of the Prince of Lies, to quote remarks of Al Gore, "What's up is down and waht's down is up." Thus for the spin, extreme left is center, radical anti-Christian leftist is progressive and moral equivalency, albeit reductio ad absurdum, allows that suicide murder in the name of Allah is as valid a sacrament as Holy Communion and ought not be criticized.

    I guess the difference between a "baby milk factory" and an aspirin factory is whether a Republican or a Democrat in teh White House authroized the launch of the cruise missles that levelled it.

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