Dying for the World: WASP fires at 9/11

The last couple of days, I paid tribute to those murdered on 9/11. Now, it's time for a metal album review ... but with a bit of a twist.

I want to share some of the perspectives of those who've had the guts to call a spade a spade. Today, it's Blackie Lawless and WASP, whose "Dying for the World" album was their first post 9/11 release:

Its been said that New York is the Capitol of the World, but growing up there, for me, it was just home. I could look out of my bedroom window and see the Statue of Liberty and beyond that were the World Trade Centers. My family was in construction and we had friends and family who helped build those great structures.

W.A.S.P. were on tour in America in August and September . I was in Manhattan August 31st to do a day of press interviews prior to a show in New Jersey later that evening. As I was leaving Manhattan (New York City) route to the show I looked over to the skyline of the city. Leaving that place always made me sad. The further away you get from the city, the only thing you could see were the World Trade Centers (as they were the tallest buildings there) and I said to myself "Take a good look, its gonna be a while before you see them again". Little did I know.

September 11th changed all that.

Even as I write this, the hurt is still overwhelming. I feel like crying but I'm numb at the same time. I guess the numbness is a self-defense mechanism.

I did a lot of thinking about what happened on that day (as we all have I'm sure) and tried to figure out not so much why this happened (I know why!) but what does it indicate. Specifically where is all this leading us, and when I say "us" it's not just an abbreviation for the United States, I mean the whole "World". I'll come back to this thought later.

In the Gulf war in the early 90's W.A.S.P. got a lot of mail from the United Nations Forces (American, British, European and others) telling us that they would blast metal music from the loud speakers of the armored tanks when they would go into battle. The sound could project two miles away and when the Iraq troops would hear the music they knew "death" was on its way and they would run like the cowardly mother fuckers they really are. What a vision!

So thinking about that takes me back to what I was saying before about where is this leading all of us. Sooner or later this problem in the middle east is going to have to be dealt with. It's not "if" it's "when". It's not just about America and Israel, it's equally about Europe and the rest of the civilized world. "They" are coming after us and will not stop. You ask who is "they?" (See Bible - "seed of Cain"). The names don't matter, whether it's Bin Laden, Hussein or whoever it's all the same. They are all "Antichrist wannabes" and we're going to deal with them either now or later. So based on the idea of the letters we got from the soldiers in the 90's I thought: ok, why not give our guys (United Nations Forces), a fresh batch of new songs to go onto battle with.. Something that will inspire us and scare the fuck out of them. Think of this album largely as a collection of songs to "go kill people with".

Fuck political correctness:

That went down with the Trade Centers.

As the line says in the song "Stone Cold Killers": "my God will kill your god".

When I look back at how I felt that day, and how I feel when I look at the memorials for those we lost that day ... well, I can't help but feel like his attitude is my attitude - hunt the bastards down and exterminate them ... before they exterminate us.

This album hits you with all the power of a WASP album, and with lyrics that are often deeper than the uninformed music listener will notice. Blackie's rage and anger can be felt on the songs about 9/11, felt deep to the bone, with no doubt that he wants to lead the tank charge, all guns blazing, with the blood and bones of the murderers splattered across the front of the tank. His anger, his rage, and his hurt ... it is real, both for him and many others out there.

It is all too clear that this band wants revenge, but then go beyond revenge, to take the evil and the fear they sought to put on us, and shove it deep inside of them and watch them feel the deepest terror a man can feel - hell on earth.

These songs speak for what many of us felt that day, and in those that followed, and what we still feel. But enough talk - let's look at some of these song lyrics ...

Hell for Eternity:

Where ya gonna run
Ya never should have come
But welcome to the ball

My hands on the trigger
My guns getting bigger
I'll introduce you all

Won't you say
Hello to my little friend
Won't you pray
Get on your knees
And pray to die
Oh-you're gonna burn tonight

Nothing's gonna save ya
oh ya better pray - to
Whatever God you want

Revengeance (not just revenge or vengeance):

Oh your God's got you dying to be
Oh your martyr's in the sand
I'll hunt you down like the dogs that you be
Your Armageddon's in my hands
Come to me I'll set you free
Come to me will you die for me

Stone Cold Killers:

I'm gonna murder supeman
Murder superman
Stone cold killer's what I am
Your widowmaking ones come
You can't hide
I'm gonna murder superman
Murder superman
I got a heart breaker in my hands
Yeah here I come
Oh - You're gonna die

Your lying messiah you know isn't real
How will you die fo the one that you kneel
Better get your guns
I'm gonna
kill your god
My God will kill your god

Last, but not least ... Hallowed Ground:
Come and take me down
The dark beyond
And take me there
Where I come from

Take me down
To the place where I'll kneel
And let me lay
my shadow down
In though the eyes
Of a child's inner me
No pain to heal my bloodied brow

There is no rain
To save this silent town
There is no rain to save at all
There is no place
To save this silent ground
There is no place to save at all

Oh father take me
Unto where I'll lay me down
Oh Hallowed Ground

Oh the sky is falling
And I don't know where my home is now
My Hallowed Ground

Oh and can you take me
For I have tasted Hallowed Ground
Oh all around

Father - oh do you hear me
This pain I will not cry aloud

Father - I know you hear me
My head is bludgeoned but unbowed

I've mourned, told some stories, vented my rage, and shared some of my deep feelings about what happened. Thank those of you who read, listened, and shared. I'm ready to move forward again.

May peace be with those who lost loved ones that day, or since, and may the hand of American Justice land hard on the asses of the bad guys we have yet to catch.

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