Blogosphere in Review: October 1-9

Ok, Monday is here. As is a new tradition, I'm going to take a break from running my mouth and take ya'll on a spin around the South Carolina blogosphere over the last week ...

According to Andy Paras, Groucho Marx is coming to Walterboro this week.

Max is still on his self-appointed hiatus.

The guys over at S.C. Solon make the news in print media with their discussion of Drew Theodore’s dissing of Columbia – congrats guys!

… and Will Folks, who got called a thug by the state Democratic chair, is pissed that Drew Theodore is putting the squeeze on the ladies.

Brian McCarty over at Voting under the Influence
thinks House Speaker Hastert needs to go (and I agree) … and that Nancy Pelosi should join him (I agree, too):

My gut feeling tells me that the Republicans covered up the actions of Foley against teen boys to keep a seat and the Democrats did the same until the past few days to gain one. It is my belief that pure politics, on both sides of the aisle, came before protecting the young people who act as pages in the United States Congress.

If you doubt this, watch the carefully orchestrated press releases coming out of Pelosi's office and other Democratic campaign arms. They were prepared for this situation. That means, they knew in advance, too.
Laurin Manning talks about Ralph Norman and that immigration issue.

Mike Reino might be pulling for the Yankees, but I’m not too sure.

Janet Lee confesses that she sometimes buys cat toys for herself … and has pics of her cats dressed for Halloween.

As a followup to my discussion of non-Protestants in the GOP, Cyndi Mosteller’s shameless act of attacking Mormonsism, Crack the Bell brings us an example of an Upstate fundamentalist in the GOP taking a potshot at us Catholics, blaming the whole Foley thing on Catholicism and booze.

Chuck laments the changes in how Halloween is being observed:

Hallowe'en was a neighborhood thing then not the car-pooling transporting around movement it has become. Now we see an invasion of strange cars and SUVs dropping children off in new areas as they go from door-to-door of people they don't know and hold open their Trick or Treat sack or pillowcases to accept candy, gum, fruit(?) and sometimes pennies.

My bank puts up posters and "gets in the mood" each year which looks strange when someone visits the customer service rep for some investment or banking advice.

… ok, that’s what ya’ll missed (or maybe you didn’t) … in any event, get out there and make it a GREAT week!

2 Response to "Blogosphere in Review: October 1-9"

  1. Moye 9/10/06 13:51
    Again I like this great job man.
  2. Earl Capps 11/10/06 02:58
    glad you like it ... i wanted to tip my hat to some of the others out there, and in doing so, reach outside of the political realm a bit.

    people in politics tend to have a narrow range of vision ... we'll all be a little better off if we learn to not be so darn political.

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