Grim Reaper and Attorneys endorse Drew Theodore

The 2006 election season in S.C. took a bizarre turn with unexpected endorsements in the Comptroller General’s race, when the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorneys’ Association and the Grim Reaper held a press conference to announce their support for Democrat Drew Theodore, who is challenging GOP incumbent Richard Eckstrom.

The Grim Reaper attacked Eckstrom's spending on office renovation:

When it comes to protecting workers from asbestos, Richard Eckstrom’s efforts are nothing less than a waste of dollars … and deaths. If we allow him to squander tax dollars to make workplaces safer, there will be less work for me to do, and fewer wrongful death lawsuit opportunities. We appreciate people like Drew Theodore who call asbestos removal what it really is - a useless waste of tax dollars.

These endorsements came after Drew Theodore took Eckstrom, the to task for spending money for costly asbestos abatement work, as well as replacing other items in the office that may have been contaminated by asbestos.

According to The State newspaper, these frivolous expenses included:

“hiring mechanical engineers, moving phone lines, asbestos abatement, and moving and storage fees.”

- The State, 10/2/2006

Eckstrom took their endorsements in stride:

“Any time I can cheat death and trial lawyers at the same time, while addressing workplace safety issues that were thirty years overdue, I’d call that a good day on the job,” he said. “If those lawyers want to make more money, I guess they’ll just have to go out and get real jobs instead.”

- Rotter's News Service, 10/2/2006

The Theodore campaign reported that endorsements would be forthcoming next week from the American Abacus Manufacturers’ Association, upset with his blatant waste of tax dollars on calculators, adding machines, computers, and accounting software.

More information on the dangers of asbestos can be found on the web at

7 Response to "Grim Reaper and Attorneys endorse Drew Theodore"

  1. Anonymous 5/10/06 11:08
    Say what you want, but I would rather have attorneys and the grim reaper on my side. I think Eckstrom loses big on this issue.
  2. Anonymous 5/10/06 11:14
    You wouldn't mind working in an environment with asbestos, then? Maybe you've never lost a family member to the consequences of asbestos exposure.

    Theodore thinks it's ok for workers to die, and Moore holds a press conference where we're told the Orangeburg Massacre was okey-dokey.

    Whose bright idea was this?

    Do I hear ... Democrats for Death?
  3. west_rhino 5/10/06 11:50
    Let me see, practicing an Enron Accounting Dept spin on the rennovations, Daddy's Dilettante Drew tries to make a campaign issue. Earl, you have to remember the Dem power elite like John Edwards lives a maggot like existence feeding on human misery. Proactive actions mean that there will be a few personal injury shysters that will be eating canned tuna rather than the grilled Mahi they feel entitled to.

    Anon 2, yes, we do seem to have what John Graham Altman could christened "Democrats for Death" after he proposed the "Choose Death" vanity plate as an alternate to the constitutional "Choose Life" plates sought by state right to life advocates.

    We're coming into the closing days of the election cycle and I've found that the attack Yorkie Andy Brack can find only a Tar Baby reference to take Gov Sanford to task over... I'll guess that Randy Maata's srting of slurs, on learning that he had a run off against a John's Island African are meaningless, since he's a Dem (and thought that the annointing of the white elite meant that the black vote was a lock).
  4. Anonymous 5/10/06 15:12
    Robert Barber is going to teach how to drive on Folly Road. Word is that he's a real pro at that.
  5. Earl Capps 5/10/06 21:24
    Those who talk lightly about the issue of asbestos in the workplace ... I'd like ya'll to answer these questions:

    1) Do you know what asbestos requirement entails and what it costs? My company has had to do abatement on buildings that we tore down for highway projects - it's not cheap, and the price can reach five figures, or more, quickly.

    2) How is it that this issue was overlooked until Eckstrom took office in January 2003? Most workplaces were abated a long time ago.

    3) Even lost a friend or family member to asbestos? I have.

    If Theodore wants to politicize this issue, he deserves to be ridiculed. His father is a good man, and probably above that cheap stunt.

    I'm sorry his son isn't, but it's not the first case we've seen of sons not being up to the task of creating a dynasty.
  6. Anonymous 5/10/06 23:09
    Theodore better watch those joint campaign appearances with Grady Patterson, the Reaper might scare the Hell out of Grady
  7. Anonymous 6/10/06 18:58
    Hey west_rhino the Maata's string of slur about who? "John's Island African are meaningless" The guy was an African? I guess he was mad because the guy almost beat him and according to you he wasn't even an American citizen. Or did you mean African American, but whatever who cares either way right?

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