Queensryche's Building Empires video

Last weekend, when I couldn't take the endless hours of research and writing, I tossed it all aside for a while to watch a movie I'd bought a while back, but hadn't had the time to watch: Queensryche's Building Empires.

Building Empires is built around music videos and concert footage from their Empire album and the tour supporting it, with a lot of extra material and interviews, including a lot of stuff from their early days.

The video does a good job of showing one how far they've come, especially with honest and straightforward discussion from band members about what they viewed as bad learning experiences or just stupid things they'd done.

Very little material from the Mindcrime album and tour is included in this video, leaving it the only part of the band's career up to Empire that wasn't really looked at in this video. This was probably intended to avoid duplicating what was covered in their Operation Livecrime video, as well as to help the band focus on covering new ground that hadn't been presented via music videos or concert attendees.

They also included some footage from their MTV Unplugged performance.

Queensryche was always known for being a deep-thinking band, and this video shows that they're just as willing to examine and critique themselves as the subject material they cover in their music. If you're a Queensryche fan, this video is worth getting, especially if you don't know much about the band's earlier days.

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