VA Governor to get out vote ... in South Carolina?

In Virginia, there is a GOP-held Senate seat and a GOP-held House seat that are so close they're often in the margin-of-error, so a former Republican Virginia governor has decided to do all he can to get out GOP voters, which is admirable.

But in South Carolina?!? What's THAT all about?

I appreciate his intent to lick boots and polish his Presidential resume, but if he wants to impress South Carolina Republicans, shouldn't he start by boosting his home-state GOP?

Is he that determined to win SC votes ... that unpopular back in VA ... or what is it?

On Friday, Governor Gilmore wishes to show his appreciation to Republican Party supporters, and their commitment to the Spartanburg GOP Victory 2006 efforts, by hosting the “Friends of the Spartanburg GOP” Get Out The Vote Reception. The reception will be held at Ribault Street Eatery on East Henry Street in Spartanburg from 5:00 to 6:30 pm on Friday, November 3.

On Saturday, Governor Gilmore will be leading the final grassroots effort of the 2006 election cycle in Spartanburg County. The Spartanburg GOP Get Out The Vote Rally and Breakfast will take place on Saturday, November 4, at Ricky’s Drive-In, located at the intersection of Henry and Union Streets in Spartanburg.

Note to Jim Gilmore: Your fellow Virginia Republicans need your help. Just find I-85 north, and follow the signs. Virginia is that a'way ...

8 Response to "VA Governor to get out vote ... in South Carolina?"

  1. rick beltram 28/10/06 09:12
    Your comments do not exhibit good hospitality.
    We welcome all visitors to Spartanburg. Another county recently showed bad manners, it is just not becoming to this fine state.
    Gov. Gilmore is a former RNC Chairman.
    We want to WIN BIG in Spartanburg and the "last lap" is the most important.
    Where will you be working during the "72 hour plan"???

    Rick Beltram , Chairman
    Spartanburg County GOP
  2. Earl Capps 28/10/06 20:24
    Rick - from the looks of it, Gilmore is a piss-poor leader. Following his tenure as Governor, the GOP lost the following two gubernatoral races.

    That's in addition to his home state Senate incumbent and a House incumbent both within the margin of error.

    It would be ironic if both were lost by a few thousand votes, while one of their supposed leaders was down here, attempting to satisfy your vanity. Especially since polling indicates control of the House and Senate could come down to a single seat in both houses.

    But I know that's not what's important to you. What's important is who will lick your boots, not what actually makes sense in any sort of strategic context.

    As to what I'm doing in the last 72 hours, if you weren't such an arrogrant s***-for-brains, you might know what I'm doing.

    Why don't you ask your friends down in Dorchester County what I'm doing. Odds are it's more than you're capable of.

    Thank you for coming, but why don't you go huff and puff elsewhere, where someone actually cares?
  3. Anonymous 29/10/06 15:35
    I am sorry but Jim Gilmore is a joke. He is not presidential material. He is a joke within GOP. The RNC post was a big snub from the Bush crowd. He is a light weight pure and simple. Onbly person considering a Jim Gilmore candidacy is Jim Gilmore. He would not get elected in Virginia again much less anywhere else.
  4. Moye 29/10/06 21:46
    WOW is all I can say right now. You tough.
  5. Anonymous 31/10/06 15:19
  6. Moye 31/10/06 23:04
    Tried to post again on this earlier today. Something happened am off shore on the gulf on a rig. If this goes thru will send reply tomorrow or later tonight. Satelite must be down or weak.
  7. A Real Republican 1/11/06 02:11
    Fuck Gilmore. We need someone who can unite the country, not divide it. That's why I support John McCain and his Straight Talk America PAC.

    Senator McCain is committed to supporting Republican candidates for political office who will provide a potent voice in advancing the reform agenda. With the 2006 election cycle quickly approaching, the Senator is giving his support to candidates that will help maintain the Republican majority in Congress and support the Party’s goals.
  8. Moye 2/11/06 23:20
    The next time we talk I will tell you what I think of Rick.

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