Another Perfect Day: A Motorhead classic album

Motorhead is one of the most prolific and enduring bands in the metal scene, with 23 albums recorded since 1976.

English vocalist and bass guitarist Lemmy Kilminster has led a continually-changing lineup, and they continue touring and recording albums at a steady pace and while others come and go, this band just keeps on chugging away.

They even recorded a song for the Spongebob Squarepants movie. Definitely something your basic mean, rough, and scary heavy metal band would do, right?

Then again, Motorhead continues to keep pushing ahead, and let's face it, Spongebob has a following unlike that of any cartoon character.

Ok, so, anyway, let's talk about one of my favorite Motorhead albums - their 1983 release Another Perfect Day. The album is filled with typical Motorhead hard-edged fare, but better produced and organized than most of their other albums.

My favorite songs on the album (but there is NOT a bad song on this album) - Another Perfect Day, Back at the Funny Farm, Dancing on your Grave, and the ever-so-sweet and cheerful Die you Bastard.

If you've ever wanted to buy a Motorhead album - get this album,
If you have some and wanted to add another - get this album,
If you have never heard of Motorhead, and wanna take a chance - get this album,
If you say you're a metalhead, then you aren't unless you ... GET THIS ALBUM!!!

How's that for a recommendation? In case you're still not sold on these guys, here is a You Tube clip of a 2004 performance of Dancing on your Grave, from their Inferno album tour:

For a little comic relief, check out the Tokyo Yankees' cover of the Motorhead classic "Ace of Spades" ... the guitar work is great, vocals suck and the hair ... my God ... not even Sigue Sigue Sputnik had big hair like these guys:

7 Response to "Another Perfect Day: A Motorhead classic album"

  1. Anonymous 23/2/07 23:45
    man, that's some wild hair on the jap dudes.
  2. Brian McCarty 25/2/07 03:10
    One hour of listening to Motorhead sure does beat an hour taking some standardized test.
  3. Anonymous 25/2/07 05:17
    i agree - talk about big hair!
  4. Anonymous 25/2/07 14:34
    It is good to see that the Geisha culture has diversified into metal. LOL Great hair, and I actually liked the Japanese metal!
  5. Anonymous 27/2/07 00:24
    earl, i think you're going off the deep end there. you might want to seek professional help?
  6. Anonymous 27/2/07 17:29
    we need people like this guy in politics. make it a little more fun, or maybe bitch-slap their opponents or sleep with their daughters ... or if it's MJ, their sons.
  7. Anonymous 1/3/07 09:57
    again, i say GROW UP

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