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Today's thought - using a blog for picking up chicks.

It was recently suggested that one of the reasons that I was running this blog was to make my single life easier, but to be honest, I'm trying to figure out how that works. To date, all I've accomplished with this blog is making people mad at me, and keeping me up late working on postings. Time I could have spent looking for love in all the wrong places.

The only sexual offers I get are ... well, to do something to myself. Those don't count.

All you fellow bloggers who've built up sizable harems from your efforts, here is your chance to speak up and let the world know we're not just losers with too much time on our hands.

So here's my winning, sure-fire, can't miss blogger's personal ad - I'm 35 years old, defintely brainy-geeky, twice-divorced single parent with a teenage daughter at home, I work long hours on the road and spend what little time I have left in the pursuit of a Master's Degree. If you feel like taking a chance on someone whose martial track record sucks, has a teenager at home who is used to being the only female in the house, and has barely enough time to sleep, much less sleep around ... give me a call.

Not like I've got anything better to do ... or else I wouldn't be here in the first place.

Come on, everyone ... where's the love?

12 Response to "Blogger Love Connection"

  1. Anonymous 16/11/06 09:47
    dude ... if the girls know what you've got to offer ... they'd be calling their doctors and getting shots.
  2. west_rhino 16/11/06 11:39
    CLAP CLAP CLAP, thanks L!

    Yes Earl, I know you can defend yourself, though the delicious ambiguity of the permutations of the "L" was too much to resist.
  3. Anonymous 16/11/06 12:52
    are you talking about the S ... defeated legislator and current vulture-for-hire?

    i've heard of S that smells bad ... but i think this is raunchier than normal S.

    i think we need to get back to addressing the issues of cock rings and how they could choke off the vitality of the state.
  4. BobDole'sStiffy 16/11/06 16:31
    before he has to worry about what he might pass on from the skank ho's that he hooks up with, he probably needs to see HIS doctor for viagra first.

    we always knew you admired bob dole, but most people don't know how much.

    what does bob dole say? bob dole says "shut the trUCK up and quit babbling with this blog".
  5. Earl Capps 16/11/06 16:34
    For the record, I have never had sexual relations with Lynn Seithel (or whatever the hell her name is now), nor anything which could be construed at sexual contact by others.

    In so many ways, she's not my type, and I'm sure she wouldn't have jack to do with me either.

    Not that she didn't use to call me at home at all sorts of late hours. But she never asked, and neither did I.

    That makes me lucky.

    I hope those of you who are taking advantage of this to kick me around are enjoying yourselves. But I sure wish some of you would have the cojones to use your names.
  6. Earl Capps 16/11/06 16:35
    ... but now, I'm sure some of ya'll are going to accuse me of doing just that!
  7. Mike Reino 16/11/06 17:26
    Earl, my life has been a veritable smorgasbord of women since I started blogging. Who needs chat rooms, when I can exchange posts with you, Moye, Rhino and Josh?? Shooting fish in a barrel , my friend !!
  8. Anonymous 16/11/06 23:05
    you are sad, sad, sad. all of you. if you think this posting is going to convince us you're anything but a loser - forget it.

    when you say two divorces says a lot about you, you're not joking. anyone who gets to know you will steer clear of you.

    you and all your blogger buddies - you're all sad losers.
  9. kellie 16/11/06 23:06
    cool personal ad. let me email you my phone number and maybe we can hook up this weekend.
  10. Anonymous 17/11/06 00:17
    be careful what you ask for - you might just end up with someone taking you seriously and then you'll be sorry.

    at least sorry you didn't meet me first. i'd rock your world.
  11. Anonymous 17/11/06 07:38
    Dude, wear a your raincoat. Safe sex is the best sex, especially if you fool around with some ex state representative.

    Wouldn't want you to have that scratchy, itchin', lovin' feelin'
  12. Anonymous 17/11/06 09:16
    yeah, she does give new meaning to the "Itchy and Scratchy Show", doesn't she?

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