Cultivation update #2: Surveying completed

At long last, surveying is completed. What agony!

Of the 441 responses, 428 watched 1 to 5 hours of television daily, so I excluded the outliers, which gets this survey down to a 4.7% margin of error. Good enough for academic work, and as good as any major polling firm.

How much did the numbers change since the first polling summary? Not much - take a look:

The paper is nearly complete, but the numbers suggest cultivation theory may have limitations as to how applicable it can be with understanding the persuasive power of political tv ads.

Stay tuned for upcoming discussion of my paper and the conclusions I reached ...

2 Response to "Cultivation update #2: Surveying completed"

  1. west_rhino 27/11/06 10:29
    As advocatus diaboli pro tem, how subjective and how objective are the answers of respondants here?
  2. Earl Capps 27/11/06 11:11
    i'm not sure what disease you claim to have contracted, but it sounds rather nasty.

    the answers are self-reported, with no efforts to verify their claims. therefore, these answers are purely subjective.

    however, given the size of the sample, and how the mean scores for responses tended to stay pretty stable throughout the latter half of the survey period, these answers, as a whole, should be fairly honest.

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