Floyd to hold free campaign event

In a rare move, GOP Superintendent of Education candidate Karen Floyd is having campaign events in which attendees are not being charged to attend.

Turnout at these events is expected to be low, as many Republicans, used to being told "she has a busy schedule" of fundraising events, and can't attend various GOP events around the state, skip the event, finding it hard to believe that she might actually be having a free campaign event.

Check out her schedule at her website - www.KarenFloyd2006.com - and see if she's doing one of these events in your neck of the woods.

You might want to go - it might be your one and only chance to meet her without having to pay to do so.

3 Response to "Floyd to hold free campaign event"

  1. Anonymous 6/11/06 09:04
    man, that was funny.

    maybe you're not such a right-wing kook after all.
  2. Anonymous 6/11/06 13:58
  3. Moye 6/11/06 18:11
    This is mostly true. Very funny. I am sure her campaign has seen this. Karen will do a good job as ed supt. She is hard to get without a fundraiser for sure. If she runs the schools like her campaign the SC will be alright.

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