GOP losing Virginia Senate race while VAGOP leader campaigns in SC for 2008?

As George Allen, the GOP incumbent Senator in Virginia, slips behind his Democratic challenger and in doing so, threatens to throw the Senate to the Democrats, former Virginia governor and RNC chairman Jim Gilmore, will still be spending the last critical 48 hours of the 2006 elections here in South Carolina.

Attaboy Jim, that's really putting your team first.

If you meet Gilmore on his campaign swings through South Carolina, ask him how George Allen is doing.

7 Response to "GOP losing Virginia Senate race while VAGOP leader campaigns in SC for 2008?"

  1. Anonymous 6/11/06 09:04
    i want him to stay down here with all you kool-aid drinking wingnuts.
  2. Anonymous 6/11/06 13:58
  3. Moye 6/11/06 18:08
    Give old Rick Beltram a break. It is election eve.
  4. Anonymous 7/11/06 00:04
    moye, beltram is an ass, so is earl. you just don't know him.
  5. Moye 7/11/06 14:07
    It was a joke like Christmas eve, New Years eve now do you get it anonymous.
  6. Anonymous 8/11/06 12:12
    but I want to be Earl's bitch....
  7. Palmetto Republican 12/11/06 23:35
    9341112693411125jason miller worked for allen too.

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