Grady Patterson loses it

This fall, we've watched a sad display as State Treasurer Grady Patterson stumbles through his re-election campaign in the face of an aggressive challenge by Thomas Ravenel.

Should he lose tomorrow, it would be unfortunate that someone who has such an unmatched record of duty and service to his state and country, which included bringing defeat to the biggest threat to humanity, should end that service in defeat.

But if Grady Patterson's distinguished career ends tomorrow, it is not the fault of the voters who supported Ravenel, but rather Patterson in choosing to run again, or maybe his handlers who prodded him into seeking another term in office.

I can honor Patterson for what he has done, while voting for Ravenel. Which is exactly what I've already done, via absentee ballot. I'm sorry it had to come to that.

When I came to that spot on the ballot, I stopped to ponder Patterson's record of service. I wished there was some other way to allow Patterson to end his duty on a positive note.

But there wasn't, so I pushed Ravenel's button, and kept moving down the ballot.

Please join me in making that tough, but necessary, decision.

The picture at the right, is of Patterson asleep at a Budget and Control Board meeting, courtesy of Faith in the Sound.

Sunny Phillips at the Crunchy Republican brings us stunning video of an interview, making rambling and unsubstantiated allegations about Thomas Ravenel. These comments are also described in Brad Warthen's blog.

18 Response to "Grady Patterson loses it"

  1. Anonymous 6/11/06 09:05
    i don't know which is more pathetic - licking karen floyd's boots, or thomas ravenel's.

    just when one starts to have hope for you ... what a shame.
  2. dawber71 6/11/06 12:32
    See Earl you are capable of a heart
    felt post and to think there are those out there who think youre a jerk. Shame on them. Have a nice day:)
  3. Anonymous 6/11/06 13:57

  4. Anonymous 6/11/06 16:01
  5. Moye 6/11/06 18:05
    I voted absentee myself and it made me feel good to vote for Thomas. I did not have to think about it for a second. Grady should had quit 40 years ago in politics. Good bye for good I hope Mr. Patterson. The last of the dinosaurs.
  6. Earl Capps 7/11/06 00:02
    dawber, i'm sure a certain someone is going to post a rebuttal to your claim, but i'll pre-empt them by pointing out that someone who thinks i'm not a jerk ... well, they just haven't gotten to know me.

    two ex-wives can't be wrong.

    i'm no angel, and anyone seeks to have me named a saint after i'm gone definitely should be institutionalized.
  7. Anonymous 7/11/06 00:10
    Earl, when you licked Karen Floyd's boots, was she dressed in black leather?

    I just have this thing about thinking of Karen Floyd in black leather...yeah...that would even wake Grady up.
  8. Anonymous 7/11/06 00:32
    so THAT is how she's going to put some discipline back in schools? she's gonna whip them into shape ... man o man ... this is getting pretty freaky!
  9. Anonymous 7/11/06 00:38
    brian mccarty is just jealous and looking for his next score. a legislator's daughter wasn't big enough a notch on his bedpost. now he wants to bag him a big time political chick.

    better bag it once ... twice ... three times for safety.
  10. Anonymous 7/11/06 14:22
    he is a jerk dawber71. give it time you too will see. word to the your heart now because it won't be long before he rips it out and off he runs.
  11. Earl Capps 8/11/06 01:12
    anon - you sound jealous there. come on over and i'll give you something to think about ;)
  12. Anonymous 8/11/06 08:09
    thanks but no thanks. i am sure there is no shortage of deceived women to handle that for you.
  13. Earl Capps 8/11/06 09:25
    anon - ya never know, i might just set some time aside for you. since you miss it bad enough to follow me around, it's the least i can do.

    it is puzzling ... most people are too busy with their own lives to care what a jerk like me is doing with mine.

    it sounds like stalking to me ... or you secretly have the hots for me. or both.
  14. Anonymous 8/11/06 11:19
    me follow you---i think not. not even my style. i have no desire to fill the kind of "time" you set aside. jealous no - hurt, angry and a little beat down by you and your bullshit---well that's a firm yes. for the record also---no amount of sexual chemistry (hotness) you feel with or for a person matters in the end when they turn out to be the utter opposite of their own pr. now that the elections are over, you will probably have more time to focus on hurting and insutling the next underserving lady. oh and on lack of time---always very busy---but i've never used that as an excuse to rationlize not being informative and/or repsonsive. that's more of a "you" tactic.
  15. Earl Capps 8/11/06 12:10
    like i said - why are you so obsessed with me that you feel the need to follow me in the virtual sense.

    i'm not sure what drives you to make these postings, which are irrelevant, but that you choose to come here and make petty personal statements, instead of trying to add some substance to the discussions ... that says something about you.

    to be honest, i approve most of these postings for entertainment value.

    ... besides, if i'm half as bad as you claim that i am, then anyone dumb enough to think that i am some prime Grade A mating pick will see the truth soon enough.

    without you lifting a finger.

    so, when did God step down and appoint you to the role of judge and jury over people?
  16. dawber71 8/11/06 12:22
    i'm sure you're earl's ex-wife.

    if you can't handle him and keep him home at night, rest assured i can - and lots of others can too.

    if you were woman enough to take care of business, you wouldn't have to settle for keeping up with his life via this blogsite.

    it's not our fault that he's a free agent again, so quit flooding this board with your anger and desperation.
  17. Nette 8/11/06 13:11
    Earl, I have to agree with Anonymous on one are definitely "utter opposites."

    1. You aren't a coward....she (assuming it is a she) won't post her name...just anonymous.

    2. You believe in freedom of speech. Anonymous evidently only believes in freedom of speech if you agree with her point of view.

    3. You are very intelligent....well you can tell by her posts, she's not the brightest bulb in the pack.

    One other thing I agree with her on is the dislike for Andre Bauer. I'm a proud Republican but I can't wait till his 4 years are over and his bloated ego is out of office.
  18. west_rhino 9/11/06 09:14
    Earl, I guess that you got all the sex tyos in the settlement...

    Suppose we could borrow a bear trap from DNR and bait it wiht a post from dawber71 or a box of milk bones?

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