Grim Reaper appears ... grim

In a late-evening press conference in a cemetery near the end of Interstate 126 and Huger Street in Columbia, the Grim Reaper appeared grim at the news of the defeats of the two Democratic candidates he had endorsed: defeated gubernatoral nominee Tommy Moore and comptroller candidate Drew Theodore.

"I tried to get across the message that death was good, and the state needed more of it," the Reaper said, shaking his skull. "I guess positive messages just had more appeal this year, and while things were looking good for a while, apparently, we were just, to pardon the pun, dead in the water."

Noted GOP political analyst, Haywood Jablowme, saw a silver lining in the election results for the Reaper: "If the Grim Reaper wanted to see something killed, and left lifeless, then there is always the South Carolina Democratic Party. I'm sure he'll fit in well there, and we certainly hope he is able to help them do a better job of what they're doing to themselves."

During the press conference, a message left by a crank caller on the Reaper's cell phone urged him to consider consulting defeated Democratic Treasurer Grady Patterson, but he shrugged his shoulders and rejected the offer: "I thought he was already dead?"

5 Response to "Grim Reaper appears ... grim"

  1. west_rhino 8/11/06 09:02
    Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

    Heard from Grady, "Nooo, I'm not dead yet!" "You will be soon" countered Rod Shealey, bearing the dead weight on his shoulder.
  2. Anonymous 8/11/06 09:25
    "jumper cables, someone get the jumper cables!"
  3. Moye 9/11/06 10:52
    What about the Floyd camp any comments.
  4. Earl Capps 9/11/06 12:37
    yeah, the grim reaper almost caught her flight on monday, and it didn't work out.

    first andre, then barber, and now floyd. have acts of misfortune become some campaign tactic?
  5. Anonymous 15/11/06 08:56
    spiteful evil bastard u are

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