Grim Reaper endorses Moore for Governor

After praising Drew Theodore’s initiative to kill state workers through opposing asbestos removal, the Grim Reaper slashed his way into the Governor’s race, by announcing his support for Democratic State Senator Tommy Moore’s challenge to Governor Mark Sanford.

The Grim Reaper indicated the refusal of the Moore campaign to rebut comments by State Senator Jakie Knotts challenging Sanford’s criticism of the killing of unarmed protestors by law enforcement officers had much to do with his endorsement of Moore:

There is nothing wrong with killing people. The Governor was wrong to question this practice, and the Moore campaign was right in saying that Sanford had no right to call it wrong. This is an outstanding example of pro-death leadership.

In a recent meeting, Senator Knotts told Moore supporters:

“We don’t need a governor that’s running commercials on a radio station apologizing for what law enforcement has had to do in the past.”

The Grim Reaper dismissed concerns from the state NAACP leadership about the protestors being unarmed, and some shot in the back. “Who cares? If those stupid protestors didn’t want to get shot, they should have shut up and stayed on campus.”

Then he chuckled and added: “But I’m glad they went.”

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  1. Anonymous 5/11/06 05:31
    Grady is just glad the guy avoided Grady's campaign events this year.

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