I'm a ... moderate?!?

When I got home from class this evening, I wanted to go to bed, as I'm tired and starting to get sick, but something came up earlier today that I felt needed to be addressed before I could do so ...

I've seen a lot, and I've been called a lot of things, but today, I found out that I've picked up yet another label which really puzzled the heck out of me.

I was called, of all things ... a moderate?!?

On his blog, Josh Gross classified me as a political moderate. How in the world did he reach THAT conclusion?

I could see libertarian, or neo-con, or something like that. But I've never, ever been called a moderate, nor do I know how someone could possibly have reached that conclusion about my views - especially if they read this blog.

Can anyone who reads this blog help me understand what I may have said here, to give someone that impression about me?

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  1. Anonymous 27/11/06 23:03
    Gross hasn't been in state long enough to know much about much. The SC Club for Growth can't be taken seriously as long as he's at the helm.
  2. Anonymous 27/11/06 23:45
    well, well, if we're attaching labels, someone who hasn't been around long enough to know who is hwho and what is what could be what ... a carpetbagger?
  3. Anonymous 28/11/06 01:57
    You are moderate compared to to voting under the racism guy. Both of you are racist and don't know it, but you are not as bad as he is.

    Yeah, and carbetbaggers did good in SC, like keeping black folks alive. The day the carpetbaggers left , this state went to hell, at least for the black man.

  4. Earl Capps 28/11/06 07:50
    ty, before you go calling me a racist, you obviously never met my first wife or oldest daughter. or read some of the stuff i wrote in my undergrad time on denmark vesey or bishop england.

    as to carpetbaggers ... they were no more welcome in the north than down south. but down south, they had free reign in ways they never had up north to do what they wanted.

    there are those who claim that reconstruction was a bad time in the south, where corruption was rampant and the balance of power shifted. but the only difference between reconstruction and any other period in southern history was that different people had their hands in the till, but when all was said and done, the same people and problems present before were here after.

    it was no more a time to be ashamed of in southern history than any other, no matter what some of the "heritage" crowd might say.
  5. Joshua Gross 28/11/06 09:31
    back to the post at hand...

    I try (really) to alow people to keep the labels they prefer. I hadn't seen you label yourself, so I was guessing. If I guesed wrong, I apologize.

    I wouldn't label you as an economic/Friedman conservative, as you oppose "school choice" (again, as I understand your position).

    I wouldn't label you as a "Christian Conservative" (the heavy metal references would seem to preclude that).

    As such, I chose "moderate" as the identifier of choice. Not to be confused with RINO or Dhimmicrat, just moderate. (and NOT racist... I don't know where that one came from... or who is trying to gin it up)

    Anyhow, labels or no labels, the true intent of the post remains that it is a pleasure to read your blog daily.
  6. Earl Capps 28/11/06 09:58
    I don't know where I ever said I was opposed to school choice. On this blog and others, I have repeatedly said that I did support it. A quick search of past postings indicate I voiced my support for school choice on 6/6, 8/29, 10/29, and 11/21 of this year.

    Maybe you don't understand my position on the issue as well as you think you do.

    Is this some sort of single-issue litmus test to meet your standard of a conservative? If so, I'll quote Damon Wayans: "Homey don't play that".

    I'd like to think of myself as quite the economic conservative, or possibly a classical liberal.

    When I had time to be more active in issues (before I went back to school), I used to have a paid Cato Institute membership, Reason Magazine subscription, and I own at least two of Freidman's books, including Free to Choose.

    Once, I even had a cat named Cato.

    Does that sound very "moderate" to you?
  7. west_rhino 28/11/06 10:42
    Earl, you must have time on your hands to go back to 26 Jun 06 for Josh's slight... that or you must be a closet Republican with the memory of a elephant ;-)

    I see that the anon posters remain either gutless, clueless or peristently and obstriperously insipid, that or they forgot the way back to shore from the troopship after delivering change.
  8. Joshua Gross 28/11/06 13:03

    Thanks!! I stand corrected.

    As for the choice issue: no, it's not a single issue litmus, though in South Carolina it certainly has been the bright dividing line of late. We don't get as worked up over income tax cuts, restructuring, workers comp reform, tort reform, or any other free-market initiative the way we get worked up over that issue.

    Thanks for the correction. A moderate you will be no more...
  9. Moye 28/11/06 15:25
    AT least like I told you yesterday when we spoke you are not considered a yellow dog. I still get the CATO stuff but I did drop my Liberterian Membership about 20 years ago. The open border issue got me mostly.

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