John Kerry's "Howl"

It seems likely that John Kerry put an end to his hopes of a comeback in 2008 with his recent "stupid people go to Iraq" remarks. Leave it to an educated man to do what Howard Dean did, but in a more eloquent manner than a simple rabid howl.

That wasn't a very "swift" thing to do ...

Gee, John, it's a real shame that some of us have to work for a living, instead of being smart enough to marry money, like you did.

3 Response to "John Kerry's "Howl""

  1. Anonymous 2/11/06 12:53
    Alas poor Kerry, another victim of hoof in mouth disease. According to the coven of complicitous reporters only W could mis-speak himself so ineptly.

    Of course John Kerry meant it, it is the same perspective he offered in 1972, that "a volunteeer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown..." tehat it would be more prone to "the perpetuation of warcrimes"

    Just heard in a sound clip, "Kerry is like Mel Gibson, without the booze."
  2. Moye 2/11/06 19:38
    Nice picture the sign speaks for itself.
  3. Anonymous 3/11/06 10:56
    It is time to put a fork in John Kerry, he is done.

    I wonder if some Clintonista leaked the footage of the comment to the media, though.

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