Just Desserts

Given today's news of the death sentence of Saddam Hussein, this photo from the liberation of Baghdad seem ironic.

Needless to say, these is the just desserts which he has earned - with the wars he launched against two neighboring nations, the atrocities he afflicted upon his people, the great wealth he stole from his nation and squandered, and the many times he betrayed his closest associates.

In the end, the arrogrance, brutality, betrayal, and self-indulgence were the hallmarks of his reign gained him nothing but a noose.

Our efforts have taken his boot off the necks of his people, and given them the opportunity to chart a new course. Perhaps the final direction will take years to resolve, as with Bosnia and Lebanon, two other multi-ethnic nations, but now, they that change.

While that new course remains to be clear, one thing is for sure ...

I'll glady spring for the price of his rope.

2 Response to "Just Desserts"

  1. Anonymous 6/11/06 09:06
    even i can agree on this one. how about that?
  2. Moye 7/11/06 14:11
    You will have to lock down the middle east if they ever carry this sentence out. Maybe we should just go ahead and do away with the middle east and I mean that literally.

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