Message to the Governor: Appoint Mary Pearson

Mary would be abundantly capable and qualified to serve the people of Dorchester County in the recently-vacated office of county Treasurer.

Not only that, Mary Pearson is a fiscal conservative who cares about the impact the taxes has upon the people who pay them. She won't just collect taxes, she'll be a voice for those who pay them, and work hand-in-hand with other courthouse officals.

She has already been endorsed by the county Auditor and two members of County Council, who look forward to working with her.

Message to Governor Sanford (since I know you and your staff read this blog): Appoint Mary Pearson to this office!

10 Response to "Message to the Governor: Appoint Mary Pearson"

  1. Anonymous 20/11/06 15:56
    go mary pearson!!!
  2. Mike Reino 20/11/06 21:03
    Earl, let me take this one on - since I have such pull with our Governor.

    Mark, I have known Mary Pearson for years now, and she is an intelligent woman who would make a great Treasurer or any job she wanted in Dorchester County. She is a fiscal conservative, and has served magnificently in numerous Republican organizations. In short, Dorchester cannot do better than choosing Mary Pearson for it's next Treasurer. Mike.
  3. Moye 21/11/06 17:22
    I will have to agree she is the person for the job.
  4. Anonymous 23/11/06 12:43
    why do you white republicans think a republican ought to be appointed? Sanford ought to appoint a democrat to the job. The people chose a democrat, Sanford ought to give them a democrat.

  5. Earl Capps 23/11/06 14:41
    ty - after some of your other postings, which i rejected for their insulting and immature content, i'm surprised you could crawl out of the gutter with this posting.

    the term "white republicans" does seem to suggest a certain intent to inject race into things. one who considers race where it is not a relevant criteria is a racist.

    which you seem to be.

    jim crow is over, dead and buried. so should your attitude problem.

    as to the subject matter at hand - i'm sure if it was an office held by a republican, you wouldn't have the least complaint in the world about it going to a democratic appointee.

    i know it would make your day to hear something to the effect of "whitey is out to get you" or some other rationale which you can use to further demonize republicans, but you won't get such drivel here.

    but there are plenty of other blogs which cater to driveling kool-aid drinkers. you might be happier hanging at those sites than this one.

    this one requires a little intelligence, and great taste in music, to hang with.

    believe me, we're hanging just fine without you.
  6. Anonymous 23/11/06 16:49
    look you pale white cracker, I don't need you to tell me anything. Your website is racist. Mark Sanford is a lilly white racist. What surprise. Mark Sanford appoints someone is lilly white like him, and you cheer him on, thinking you are educated.

    I bet you thought Kramer was funny.

    I ain't your slave, or Mark Sanford's down on his plantation. I got a brain of my own. Who are you to edit what I say?

  7. Earl Capps 23/11/06 17:41
    Ty, I'm the owner of this blog, that's who I am to decide what goes up and what doesn't.

    Call a protest if you'd like, but if you're trying to imply that I'm prejudiced against blacks or anyone else, you didn't do your homework about me.

    But you aren't capable of having intelligent dialogue. But you're probably some redneck out of Abbeville County trying to pass yourself off as black.

    I never liked Kramer. But I find you hilarious.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

    By the way, someone really is out to get you. I'm helping them.
  8. Anonymous 24/11/06 00:13
    Anonymous -
    "Mark Sanford appoints someone is lilly white like him"

    That is a ludicrous (not to mention grammatically incorrect) comment. Mark Sanford has an African-American Chief of Staff and has appointed more minorities to his cabinet than any governor in the history of South Carolina - Republican or Democrat.

    Stereotyping based on the color of a person's skin is completely wrong - as is your assertion about Governor Sanford.
  9. Earl Capps 24/11/06 03:24
    anon 00.13 - i'm sure he'll tell us how the governor's apology for the orangeburg massacre was part of the whole racist plot as well.
  10. Mary M 24/11/06 05:35
    I hope the Governor does read this blog and will appoint Mary Pearson to the Treasurer's position. She certainly deserves the appointment and certainly has the qualifications, dedication, and will to do the job well.
    Mary McAbee

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