Microsoft Project anyone?

In my work, I use Microsoft Project, which is a pretty serious project scheduling program. While I've done some pretty complex schedules with it (up to 200 items over a 2 year period duration), I know I've barely nicked the surface of what this stuff can do.

If anyone knows any good resources or personal twists that help them do a better job with Project, feel free to speak up.

Want to see the preview of MS Project 2007?

3 Response to "Microsoft Project anyone?"

  1. Anonymous 20/3/07 23:59
    pervert. i know what this story really means - not everyone can be fooled by your wording so easily.
  2. Anonymous 21/3/07 14:49
    what in the world are you talking about?
  3. Anonymous 9/4/07 10:55
    You might try this link:

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